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Chapter 54 : Lethal Technique!!!

Level-Up Hitman

Putting away his blood red , Salvatore assumed a casual stance as he narrowed his eyes filled with that sliver of killing intent. Extending his right arm slightly to the side he began to skillful the blood, muscles and bones within. Instantly the veins in his right arm began to writhe while the eerie sounds of twisting muscles and creaking bones could be heard.

A few later his pale white arm began to turn a pure crimson red while the air around his arm began to distort. Feeling his arm nearing the critical point Salvatore straightened his hand into a palm facing the ground whilst he shifted his body slightly. Then as a thin predatorial grin appeared on his face he instantly disappeared, rapidly launching himself directly at the Fruit Slime King.

Instinctively sensing the dangerousness of Salvatore's right arm, the Fruit Slime King desperately attempted to flee, but due to the relentless of the sliver of Salvatore's killing intent the Fruit Slime Kings was slightly by a single

This single was the Fruit Slime Kings harbinger of doom, for it allowed Salvatore to finally make physical contact with the Fruit Slime King.

Hurtling thru the air Salvatore's right arm caused the air to pop as it shot out lightning fast, colliding with the rotund belly of the Fruit Slime King.

If the Fruit Slime King was not completely focused on avoiding Salvatore's critical attack he would have heard Salvatore speak the name of this lethal technique.

"Impatto !" (Burst Impact!)


As his smooth red palm made contact with the transparent bulbous gut of the Fruit Slime King a thunderous air rang out in a wide area in front of him fully encasing the entire Fruit Slime King.

So powerful was this that not only was every ounce of prismatic slime instantly vaporized but the softball shaped nucleus of the Fruit Slime King actually shattered into three separate pieces which rapidly shot off, hurtling hundreds of feet through the air like bullets before finally stopping after they each collided with the trunk of a massive Stony Bark, to a depth of several inch's with a spider web of jagged cracks radiating from the point of each impact.

As he heard the and then saw the Fruit Slime Kings nucleus shatter into three separate pieces which flew off, a brief look of disapproval across his face as he realized he still lack enough strength to properly control and execute this lethal technique.

If he had launch the same attack three days ago not only would there have not been a single sound, but the Fruit Slime Kings nucleus would have remained whole, falling directly down to the ground beneath instead of shooting off, completely unaffected by the force of his powerful attack.

Still, he had to acknowledge that hearing the booming that rang out the moment his attack had landed had filled him with a testosterone fueled force of pure manly vigor. And although even he thought this was an immature and somewhat primitive , he still had to admit that despite this his ice-cold steady pulse had momentarily quickened from some form of pure primal

Now as he picked up the Fruit Slime Kings large whole Spark (which he had managed to extracted in a complete form by joining the 3 separate pieces of the Fruit Slime Kings shattered nucleus) he couldn't help recalling the entire once again, pausing for a to admire the shiny Spark while scenes of battle within the depths of his eyes before he smoothly tossed it into his mouth, followed by him biting down on it with a final resounding CRUNCH!

Except for this brief pause, he quickly proceeded to process the remainder of the Sparks with machine-like proficiency, causing the majority of his Stats to once again rapidly shoot-up, almost doubling in their amount.

By the time he had finished the majority of the Sparks not only had he acquired several useful Skills, but more importantly he had enough Experience to raise his level once again.

As he finished the last Spark his eyes once again exuded their usual deadly aura for he was finally 100% fully Not only had his "PRIDE" completely regained its former magnificence, but even his strength was slightly greater than his former peak.

Now he could employ all of the lethal techniques he had created over the long entirety of his dark career.

As he scrolled through his log, checking for any unseen events he admired the several new skills he had acquired after absorbing the mountain of Sparks.

System : [Monkey Language][Lv. MAX] Acquired!

System : [Basic Throwing Technique][Lv. 5] Acquired!

System : [Cutting Kick][Lv. 5] Acquired!

System : [Porcupine Language][Lv. MAX] Acquired!

System : [Hair Hardening][Lv. 5] Acquired!

System : [Hair Needle ] [Lv. 5] Acquired!

System : [Snake Language][Lv. MAX] Acquired!

System : [Enhanced Crawling][Lv. 8] Acquired!

System : [Sinuous Body][Lv. 8] Acquired!

System : [ ][Lv. 9] Acquired!

System : [Heat ][Lv. 9] Acquired!

System : [Chipmunk Language][Lv. MAX] Acquired!

System : [Climbing][Lv. 6] Acquired!

System : [Digging][Lv. 5] Acquired!

System : [Bear Language][Lv. MAX] Acquired!

System : [Heavy Rush][Lv. 8] Acquired!

System : [Heavy Stomp][Lv. 7] Acquired!

System : [Heavy Strike][Lv. 9] Acquired!

System : [Slime Language][Lv. MAX] Acquired!

System : [Amorphous Body][Lv. 5] Acquired!

System : [Dissolve][Lv. 5] Acquired!

System : [Slime ][Lv. 7] Acquired!

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