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Chapter 49 : A True Grandmaster

Level-Up Hitman

"Now to see how many levels I can climb with this large amount of Experience. I should be able to reach at least level 20 with this much" Salvatore thought, before he calmly reached up toward the top blinking "LEVEL-UP" tab.

As his finger hovered over the tab the level up button appeared like before, however this time there appeared some changes as well as an button. The topmost one read "LEVEL-UP 1X" while the one beneath it read "LEVEL-UP ALL." , Salvatore pressed the 2nd "LEVEL-UP ALL" button.

Immediately like before he heard the downward counting clicking sound of his Experience rapidly being spent as he was again enclosed in a golden colored of light. However this time the sound was much faster and the golden was much brighter.

After several long minutes the counter finally slowed before coming to a complete stop. As the golden aura quickly faded away he retrieved a square piece of Red Berry Rabbit fur from his [Spatial Storage] and used it like a gym towel, wiping off the thick layer of sticky sweat covering his body.

Now feeling somewhat better he quickly checked his Status screen with great

[Candidate Status]

Name: Salvatore

Titles: Candidate, Iron-Willed

Level: 9

Experience: 12,500\72,900

: Universalist

Age: 21

Race: Human

Sex: Male

HP: 22,700\22,700 HP Regen Rate: 23.7% per sec

MP: 14,020\14,020 MP Regen Rate: 15.0% per sec

Strength: 2,110 +(10)

Endurance: 2,303 +(10)

: 2,270

: 2,947

Intelligence: 1,257

Wisdom: 1,402

Dexterity: 3,113 +(10)

Charm: 1,143

Luck: 704

Equipped: [Wolf King's Boots] - [Wolf King's Fang]

"Excellent." he thought with as he gazed upon his Stats which had risen into the thousands. Although he had yet to meet anyone else, he felt completely confident that no one could beat this insane rate of growth.

Flexing his muscles, he slowly examined his body's present

Standing with a casual posture, he suddenly punched skyward with his left arm, fully extending it as he poured his entire body's strength into this single heavenward punch.

As a loud sonic boom rang out a later while a large mass of clouds overhead suddenly had a massive fist shaped cutout, he shook his head from side to side disapprovingly as he realized with that single punch that he had only regained 70% of his former strength.

If he had been at his peak from a few days before not a single sound would have been heard. While most thought a Grandmaster Martial Artist could punch so fast that they could cause the air to explode Salvatore disagreed.

A true Grandmaster should have complete control of not only their entire being, but of their every Fully believing this Salvatore had trained himself to control every aspect of his every If he want a punch to be loud, it was loud, and when he wanted his punch to be silent, it was silent.

This was just one of the many reasons why he was so deadly. Most combatants use all of their senses to deal with an opponent's attack. Sight, sound, airflow, all the senses come into in the blink of an eye.

So it can be easily imagined the amount of difficulty someone would have dealing with a lightning fast missile-like punch, powerful enough to obliterate an armored tank that can neither be heard nor felt.

But this degree of control required not only an extreme level of mastery over every aspect of the body but required the body to reach a certain level of strength.

Because of these two strict requirements Salvatore could easily gauge how far he was from his level of strength. Still it was only a matter of time before he regained his former strength.

However his body was now strong enough to withstand the usage of the majority of his special killing techniques. Earlier he had been severely limited by his weak body since the majority of his techniques had strict requirements of the body. Even the weakest of his lethal techniques would have cause several of his muscles to tear from the immense strain caused from a single usage.

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