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Chapter 45 : Assimilation

Level-Up Hitman

Selecting the Watermelon Wolf Kings Spark once more, Salvatore it into his mouth then with a resounding crunch began to chew it like a large piece of high quality watermelon rock candy, each bite turning the spark into a greenish-red liquid.

After a few minutes of chewing, with a gulp Salvatore swallowed the watermelon spark. As the syrupy spark flowed down his throat Salvatore wondered inquisitively how long it would take for the spark to be

At that exact moment Salvatore suddenly felt his chest start to grow warm, then a system window suddenly appears before him.


[System : Select Spark Default Parameters.]

? Spark Memory

? Spark Stat

? Spark Skill

? Spark Experience


He quickly checked all four box's then pressed the OK button at the bottom of the screen.

[System : Spark Default Parameters Set.]


[System : Initializing Spark Memory !]

Immediately his mind was suddenly flooded with countless memories, which across his eyes like a movie being fast forwarded at light speed, passing in less than a , then as it ended it returned to the beginning, this time it slowed down, at a normal pace.

As the memories slowly out he felt like he was on a mental roller coaster that he could not leave until the ride had ended, and although he was in essence still himself, he suddenly lived an entire life from the Watermelon Wolf Kings perspective.


He was born an Alpha, with a natural proclivity for Fueled by this instinctive , he hunted more fiercely than any other Watermelon Wolf, and was ruthless in all that he did, driven by an unquenchable desire for power.

While other Watermelon Wolves spent their formative years with their packmates, hunting when they grew hungry, he would spend his every waking moment hunting other monsters to grow stronger.

At first, hunting even the weakest of Red Berry Rabbits required him to put his life on the line. Many a time, he would wretchedly limp back to the packs den, covered in wounds after barely managing to kill a single Red Berry Rabbit on his own. But regardless of how badly injured he was, he would always go out the next morning to hunt.

Gradually, with each Red Berry Rabbit he killed and devoured he felt himself grow stronger, until one day he finally realized he was already as big and strong as the rest of the grown Watermelon Wolves.

Yet he knew he still was not strong enough for their were still many other monsters in the valley stronger than him, so he continued to hunt, slowly growing stronger.

As his strength grew, he would fight and kill stronger monsters every day until eventually, after a long and gruesome battle with a powerful Banana Bear monster he managed to emerge the victor.

Devouring its corpse whole he suddenly felt his strength surge as he underwent a physical having managed to trigger his first advancement, rising to the rank of an ELITE.

Now an ELITE monster he felt himself stronger than other monsters, and could easily kill most Common rank monsters with a single move that before he had to battle with for several moves to

Yet still he feels he is not strong enough so he continues to hunt. Eventually he manages to rank up two more times reaching the rank of ULTRA-ELITE. Now he was one of the strongest watermelon wolves, yet he began to sense danger from the old Watermelon Wolf King so he decides to venture deeper into the depths of the valley.

Now alone, more time passes with him spending everyday hunting monsters until on one fateful day after fighting a long arduous battle with a of powerful monsters, as he finishes devouring their corpses he suddenly feels the familiar surge in strength as he finally evolves again, rising up to the rank of MINI-BOSS.

Now he is the strongest Watermelon Wolf, it is time for him to return and assert his supremacy over the pack. The old Watermelon Wolf King sensing his strength as he arrives realizes a contender for the pack has arrived.

With long years of experience and cunning he immediately attacks. Yet the young Watermelon Wolf has spent many years alone in the wild growing stronger and after many life and death battles with stronger monsters he is just as strong.

A long and battle ensues for the leadership of the pack, against , fang against fang, the old and the young battle with their lives on the line traveling through the forest as they destroy everything in their path.

Finally with a clever faint the young Watermelon Wolf manages to lock his jagged fangs around the throat of the old Watermelon Wolf King, before with a resounding "SNAP" he bites his head clean off. The thunderous sound of his jaws closing signaling the end of the old Watermelon Wolf Kings life and the start of a new regime.

Unleashing a Mighty howl with the old Watermelon Wolf Kings warm blood dripping from his fangs, he assumes leadership of the pack for he is now the Watermelon Wolf King.

Several years pass by, now the pack is much stronger, the Watermelon Wolf King has spent many a night with all the females of the pack and they have birthed many strong litters. Now the pack has over a hundred little bro's and sisters, who spend every day hunting.

But the Watermelon Wolf King after having spent many years alone continues to hunt by himself, still striving to grow stronger until one day he stumbles upon two mighty monsters fighting, a powerful Banana Bear and a Brutal Tangerine Tiger.

Normally even he with his MINI-BOSS rank strength would have difficulty killing either one of them by himself, however he senses an opportunity here.

Watching them battle from the shadows he waits until they have worn each other out then pounces from the shadows killing the wounded Banana Bear with a single swipe of his bright red before charging at the heavily wounded Tangerine Tiger.

Killing it after exchanging a few moves, the Watermelon Wolf King is filled with and smugness at managing to cleverly kill these two mighty monsters.

Quickly he devours both corpses whole before he suddenly feels his whole body grow hot with a familiar warmth of advancement. After several hours of intense pain he arises as a newly ranked up BOSS Monster.

A few weeks later he goes out to hunt with his pack who quickly find and corner a large herd of Red Berry Rabbits, the rest is history...

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