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Chapter 44 : Nine Stances

Level-Up Hitman

The next morning Salvatore slowly awoke from his state, completely rested after a having a good 8 hours of sleep. Rising to his feet, Salvatore exited the Watermelon Wolf Kings fur, tossing a log onto the dim embers of the fire before he began his usual morning routine.

Flexing his hands he cause numerous popping sounds as his joint aligned themselves, then assuming a casual stance he began to perform his [Nine Stances of Potential].

The [Nine Stances of Potential] was a special exercise Salvatore had inherited from his grandfather in his youth. to his grandfather, Salvatore came from a long line of mercenaries, who for more than a thousand years had fought in every conflict in every part of the world.

Their combined lifetimes of experience had been and passed down aurally from to all the way to Salvatore. Their knowledge involved everything to do with being the greatest mercenaries. Each would use this knowledge to devise a perfect method to tap into the hidden potential of humans.

However to his grandfather Salvatore was a freak, since he had taken the three stances countless of his ancestors had bitterly developed and managed to devised an four more by the time he was 8.

After his parents died and he had begun his own journey through the world, with the knowledge he acquired from many wise people and lost books he had manages to perfect the initial seven stances with the of two final stances.

Each of the nine stances was composed of nine separate forms making a total of 81 forms. Each stance improved a part of the body and were so potent that not only would they improve every aspect of the human body, but could also heal the sick and cure the lame.

The nine stances named appropriately after their area of improvement were bone stance, blood vessel stance, blood stance, muscle stance, organ stance, skin stance, brain stance, senses stance, and nervous system stance.

Every day he would diligently use one of the nine stances, his body tirelessly flowing from one form to the next in and endless cycle as he immersed himself entirely in the splendor of his wondrous while his body continuously grew stronger.

As he smoothly went through each of the nine forms of the Bone Stance he felt his body grow warm as he roused forth the infinite hidden potential within his bones. As he finished the last form he felt a wave of cleansing wash over him while his mind felt completely refreshed and clear.

With his morning exercises finished he calmly sat down and began his breakfast consisting of a large Watermelon Wolf King steak coupled with a wide assortment of fruits gathered from the Valley.

With his breakfast done Salvatore exited the safe area then headed towards the woods.

Finding a safe he quickly dug a round hole using a branch, then proceeded to relieve himself using a few squares of rabbit fur to clean his rear once he'd finished. Tossing the used furs into the hole with his high quality fertilizer he rose to his feet then covered his fragrant deposit with the excavated dirt.

Feeling completely relieved, he returned to the Archways safe area, then withdrawing all the sparks he had collected yesterday, prepared himself for the process.

Separating the many sparks into race specific piles his finally count was 33 COMMON Red Berry Rabbit sparks, 35 COMMON Watermelon Wolf sparks, 2 ELITE Watermelon Wolf sparks and 1 BOSS Watermelon Wolf King spark as well as a handful of Red Berry Rabbit spark fragments, which upon coming into contact with each other began to glow before quickly fusing together with certain fragments forming another 3 whole sparks.

Picking up the Watermelon Wolf Kings spark Salvatore tried to duplicate it.


[System : Insufficient MP Unable to Duplicate!]

Failing, Salvatore tried again with one of the Red Berry Rabbit Sparks.


[System : Insufficient MP Unable to Duplicate!]

Failing once again using the smallest spark he had of a mere level 4 Red Berry Rabbit Salvatore was now slightly intrigued, wondering exactly how high his MP would have to be before he could actually duplicate a Spark.

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