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Chapter 41 : Dinner

Level-Up Hitman

As he once more set foot upon the cool grey stone beneath the Archway Salvatore finally having reach a safe area. Gathering some tinder and firewood Salvatore built a small fire then proceeded to build a rudimentary spit out of a couple of Watermelon Wolf bones.

Slowly roasting a few pieces of Watermelon Wolf King meat, the area was soon filled with the smell of barbecue with a slight touch of sweetness.

"Ah if only I had some spices" Salvatore lamented with a sigh as the world culinary within him cried "SACRILEGE!" at the lack of proper seasonings and spices, however although there were many fruit bushes and trees the only he could find in the Valley were highly toxic and would cause a number of negative status.

So without any herbs around he decided for now he would just have to do without. Slowly turning the spit while leaning against the Archway Salvatore's mind was alive as he recalled the past days of events, scrutinizing his every thought and in every

Overall, despite the disparity from his past abilities the Starverse's level system was quite interesting he thought and the monsters showed great promise.

As the smell of barbecued meat and the sound of fat popping in the of the fire removed him from his musing he realized the meat was finally ready. Quickly removing it from the fire, he it atop a piece of fur in order to cool off.

After a few minutes he sliced a piece off with a casual swing of his blood red then picked it up skillful on the returning swing. Sniffing it carefully, he tentatively took a bite of the meat unsure of the

As he bit into the meat his tongue burst alive with the of perfectly barbecued meat and the juiciness of roasted marbled fat. The surprising thing was the marbled steak had the distinct of a ripe watermelon which strangely complemented the meats

Finishing off the tiny piece of meat with a few bites, he waited patiently for a quarter of a hour in order to be safe before he wolfed down the remainder of the barbecued meat along with several fruits and berries.

Rubbing his protruding stomach happily, Salvatore next to the warm glowing fire. As he sat comfortably leaning against the Archway, he began to think about his long day, and his thoughts were soon filled with the many new things he had

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