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Chapter 36 : Spark Extraction

Level-Up Hitman

The moment that it died its body exuded a massive amount of golden mist, which coalesced into a large amount of items while dozens of thick strands of mist flowed into Salvatore.

Crouching down, Salvatore quickly began to the battlefield for the Watermelon Wolf Kings drops, picking up over 2,000 stars in money as well as 2 magical items, a pair of boots and a wicked looking long dagger. Pouring the large pile of coins into his storage, as he closed it he suddenly heard the sultry feminine voice of the system.


[System : Skill Level Up. [Spatial Storage][Lv. 1] ->[Lv. 2]]

With his [Spatial Storage] now at level 2, the spaces now were 3ftx3ftx3ft. After making a finally check of the area for any items he may have missed he studied the 2 items that had dropped from the Watermelon Wolf King.

The first item was a very nice pair of boots made from a nice dark green leather that appeared to have come from a wolf and was engraved along the sides with a line of blood red running wolves. Turning the boots over revealed the sole was designed to leave wolf tracks with each step.


[Wolf Kings Boots] - A pair of wolf leather boots Imbued with the wolf kings innate speed.

Attributes: Endurance: +10

Dexterity: +10

Durability: 100%

Grade: Unique

Special Ability: [Wolf Kings Gait] - Increases movement speed by 10%

Next he examined the dagger, which had a long 13 inch blood red shaped like a fang. The daggers handle was made from a smooth white fang and was wrapped with the same dark green wolf leather that the wolf kings boots were made of.

The most distinctive part however was the daggers hilt, which was inset with a blood red gem with a long slit pupil identical to the Watermelon Wolf Kings blood red eye.


[Wolf Kings Fang] - A powerful imbued with the strength of the wolf kings merciless fangs.

Attributes: Strength: +10

Durability: 100%

Grade: Unique

Special Ability: [Wolf Kings Aura] - Inhibits enemy movement by 10%

"Oh, nice ; he whispered admiringly as he ran his finger along the razor sharp edge. Not only did it have a clever design complete with blood grooves, but it had another special ability that was not only powerful but was a perfect match with his Wolf Kings Boots since it would slow his enemies by 10% while he would move 10% faster. This meant that he would have a 20% increase in speed when he fought, and since even 1 could decide the winner in a fight this gave him an overwhelming advantage.

More than satisfied with his new rugged footwear he quickly his Red Berry with his Wolf Kings Boots. Just like with the the boots change their size to fit his feet perfectly, a feature he approved of greatly.

Despite being thrilled with his 2 new items he still was disappointed that none of the drops had been some clothes to wear. Still the most important part of one's attire, shoes as well as a weapon to protect himself had dropped so this was of little consequence at present.

Tossing his now outmoded plus the rusted iron dagger into his [Spatial Storage] he approached the Watermelon Wolf Kings corpse. As he studies its face he suddenly realized that he had never thought to use his [Analyze] skill on a dead monster before. Targeting the Watermelon Wolf Kings remains he quickly activated the skill.


[Rank] - BOSS

[Watermelon Wolf Kings Remains][Lv. 15] - Remains of a deceased BOSS rank, Wolf type, fruits monster indigenous to Big Dipper Valley.



The was not surprising but the large note at the bottom, [Harvestable] seemed to allude to the fact that the remains could be harvested for crafting materials, a task he usually performed with his [] skill.

However Salvatore had another skill he wanted to try out first. his hand atop the Watermelon Wolf Kings head, he excitedly casted his Secret Skill for the first time.

"[Spark ]!"

At first nothing seemed to happen but then suddenly glowing dots began to appear from all over the Watermelon Wolf Kings corpse that seemed to be attracted to his hand.

Slowly the dots of light began to gather, causing a sphere of light to appear beneath his palm, that continued to grow brighter as each of the dots joined the sphere. As the last dot finally joined the sphere the light briefly grew brighter as it coalesced into a fist sized spark.

"; he thought excitedly as he studied the Watermelon Wolf Kings spark inquisitively. The spark was at least 10 times as big as the Red Berry Rabbits one and was a mixture of parallel red and green stratum's with a slight golden tinge. it safely in his [Spatial Storage] he returned to the massive corpse of the Watermelon Wolf King.

his hand once more on the Watermelon Wolf Kings corpse, this time he used his [] Skill. Instantly like a bang going off, unlike with his skill the corpse with blindingly bright golden light that grew brighter and brighter before disappearing completely.

Rubbing his blinded eyes gently, he shut his eyes and waited for the to wear off. After a few minutes had passed, he tentatively opened his eyes, a mountain of Watermelon Wolf King crafting materials.

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