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Chapter 30 : Relief

Level-Up Hitman

Staring down at the two ELITE Watermelon Wolves with a predatory gaze, he examined both of them closely, now that they were near enough that he could literally reach out and pet them upon the head.

In fact, without the slightest , that's exactly what he did, crouching down upon the wire thin branch, he extended a hand fearlessly an gently patted the ELITE Watermelon Wolfs head like a pet dog, rubbing the dense fur between its large, sharp pointed ears.

Of course logically the ELITE Watermelon Wolf should have reacted to his demeaning by either attacking him or avoiding his hand, but much to the ELITE Watermelon Wolfs surprise, as it tried to bite the hand which Salvatore had extended, it was shocked to that it couldn't move its head.

In fact now as it struggled to move, it that it was completely paralyzed and no matter how hard it struggled it was unable to move. Realizing that now that it was within reach of the strange weak prey but was unable to move, filled the ELITE Watermelon Wolf with that quickly transformed into fear and shame, as it suddenly realized that it was now completely vulnerable.

Feeling the strange prey pet it gently between its ears before it began to scratch him vigorously behind its ears, the proud ELITE Watermelon Wolf was filled with complete shame. Partly for allowing the weak prey to freely touch it, but mainly because the strange preys weird caused it to feel very good.

Completely , Salvatore calmly petted and scratch the giant head of the ELITE Watermelon Wolf, treating it like a pet dog, before his hands began to roam around the monsters head, examining its structure through touch, as he probed it through its thick bristly fur, making sure it had the same basic anatomy as the normal wolves he had studied long ago.

Several minutes later having completed his of the ELITE Watermelon Wolf, without the slightest warning he grasped his an quickly thrust it into the underside of the ELITE Watermelon Wolfs head, towards the weakest point of its throat where the neck starts.

Regretfully the was only able to to a depth of roughly 2 inches before halting, clearly the natural armor-like feature of the ELITE Watermelon Wolfs fur. Smoothly withdrawing his , he examined the point of entry with the detached air of a scientist, employing clinical whilst ignoring the terrified look within the ELITE Watermelon Wolfs eyes.

After a few moments of silent , without the slightest warning, he stabbed the knife deeply into the right eye of the ELITE Watermelon Wolf, this time easily piercing all the way to the hilt, into the depths of the ELITE Watermelon Wolfs brain.

With an gaze he watched the radiance of life slowly fade from its other eye, its body subtly twitching as its long red HP bar quickly plummeted, a series of large negative red numbers quickly one after the other above its head.

Upon the moment it died, a final bright negative yellow number blossomed above its head, as a thick golden mist dispersed from its body, several strands quickly drilling into the depths of Salvatore's body, while the rest coalesced into numerous shiny items consisting of mainly star coins, which drawn by the force of gravity quickly plummeted to the ground below.

Gripping the handle of his dagger firmly, with a strong kick to the side of its neck he dislodged the deeply entrenched from the ELITE Watermelon Wolfs eye socket.

Unfortunately, the force of Salvatore's powerful kick caused the ELITE Watermelon Wolfs to detach from the Stony Barks trunk. Now not but a monsters lifeless corpse, it quickly fell, powerless to resist the call of gravity, its greater mass enabling it to quickly catch up to the plethora of shiny items bouncing from branch to branch as they plummeted towards the distant ground.

Impassive save for a sliver of , Salvatore inquisitively gazed downward, watching the monsters eventful descent, it's arduous journey involving multiple with a plethora of sized branches along its passage, leaving only a series of snapping sounds in its wake.

Once it was out of sight he quickly turned towards the other ELITE Watermelon Wolf, observing its widened eyes drenched in fear whilst suddenly noticing a betraying yellowish fluid start to leak from its nether exuding a strong musk of blood-chilling terror. Realizing the paralysis must be wearing off, without the slightest he swiftly plunged his blood drench dagger to the hilt into the depths of its left eye.

, he watched the ELITE Watermelon Wolfs death spasm as its life quickly faded from its right eye filled with disbelief at its unexpected demise. Once its HP hit 0, he quickly kicked its neck, expediting it on its downward voyage whilst dislodging his knife.

As the half-dead ELITE Watermelon Wolf descended its suddenly exuded a golden mist, which quickly coalesced into shiny items whilst a few thick strands unerringly flew towards Salvatore, drilling into the depths of his body.

Standing atop the wire thin branch, he began to slowly re-center himself, taking long deep breaths, in and out, then began to process what had just happened. Leaning his back against the foot wide trunk of the Stony Bark, Salvatore breathed a sigh of relief, a wry grin across his impassive face.

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