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Chapter 26 : Fight or Flee?

Level-Up Hitman

Despite the minor respite he had acquired with the aid of his new Resistance Skill, Salvatore quickly began to analyze the realizing that he hadn't even started to fight and already he was in a dire , however much to his surprise his higher cognitive abilities seemed to be extremely sluggish.

Normally he would easily be able to instantly begin hypothesizing, brilliant new concepts, at astounding speeds, while he analyzed every aspect of a , absorbing and processing even the slightest of he felt.

Not a single or idea would be overlooked, as his mind endlessly evaluated ever possible and the consequential , however for the first time in his life he felt mentally lethargic, like there was some sort of inhibitor preventing him from exceeding a certain speed of thought.

"Fanculo (Fuck)!!!" Salvatore angrily cursed "Again I am limited by my basic stats, I must endeavor to Level-UP as soon as possible. Fortunately if these Secret Skills work the way I think they do, I'll be able to remedy this troubling liability rather quickly."

Regardless of his current limited mental faculty, he continued to struggle through the thick, pudding-like sea of his mind, thinking much more slowly, but inexorably onward in order to devise a means of efficiently dealing with this newfound threat to his existence.

"Hmm... this Watermelon Wolf King is not only a BOSS monster but is 15 levels higher than me, while I have not even managed to reach level 1."

"This soul-crushing aura of fear and death is more than pure killing intent, it feels thicker, stronger, like some sort of natural law of , it must be some sort of instinctual towards those who have a lower level, and the greater the difference in level the stronger the will most likely be."

"However for truly strong humans this would probably be a major , radiating their strength all the time, especially if they wished to enter a city filled with weaker people, so they must have some method to suppress their aura of power."

"However, in the case of this Watermelon Wolf King the is probably quite the opposite, since even though it is a BOSS monster it still is a low leveled BOSS, and probably only has a very low cunning, making him incapable of being concerned with his power being felt. In fact, for a monster this may be more of an advantage since other monsters will know whose territory is what."

"Seeing as I am not even level 1, and the enemy lineup is very fearsome, including more than 50 terrified semi-feral rabbit monsters, almost a dozen level 7 common Watermelon Wolves, two level 9 ELITE Watermelon Wolves, and a level 15 Watermelon Wolf BOSS monster, the odds don't seem to be stacked in my favor."

"Furthermore it's taking every ounce of willpower I possess to resist the [Level ] and killing intent radiating from the ELITE Watermelon Wolves, and Watermelon Wolf King."

"Also, even though I have this [ Blessing Of The Stargod], I'm not absolutely certain it will be able to heal me if that BOSS monster manages to rip my limbs of and eat them, or, even if it works, and I manage to remain whole, and unharmed, it can still simply keep me as a chew toy, and wait the blessing out. Sigh.... yet again, like all the dangerous I find myself embroiled in, this comes down to two choices, fight or flee. Yep, this is definitely a fight or flee moment."

His current limited higher cognitive resources notwithstanding, Salvatore had managed to finished his analysis of the With no viable means of assuring a venture, which resulted with a bare minimum of him retaining both his life and limbs intact, Salvatore, being by nature, instantly decided without the slightest to make a strategic withdrawal as fast as possible.

This however, proved more difficult than you would think, for in order for one to flee effectively, two things are required, speed and stealth. 9 times out of 10, the to flee is made due to one being weaker than ones foe. In this case, if one is detected while trying to escape, then only possessing greater speed than ones foe can lead to a escape, otherwise the purpose of fleeing is lost, and in fact a critical error resulting in grave consequences.

Currently, with his limited resources, both physical and external, possessing neither speed, nor the capability to remain completely undetected, due to the Watermelon Wolves innate abilities, not to whatever unknown skills the Watermelon Wolf King possessed, Salvatore found himself unable to devise a completely means of escape.

Plus, he possessed limited knowledge of the terrain, and it was foolhardy to flee into the unknown, when facing a stronger foe, who had a greater understanding of his surroundings than you.

Having a keen sense of smell and heightened hearing, he figured the only reason they hadn't detected him yet was due to the fact that they were concentrating on killing the herd of Red Berry Rabbits, while he was downwind of them, as well as the strong odor of the stony barks fragrant leaves masking his scent.

No matter how he tried, he couldn't come up with a method to escape without alerting the wolves.

Plus, if he did try to risk running, with his currently low spec body with its bare bone level 0 stats, it would be child's for even the weakest of the level 7 Watermelon Wolves, (who possessed innate speed and agility) to run him down in a matter of

So, finding himself unable to flee without being detected, he was left with only the alternative choice, to FIGHT!

Based on his analysis of the current , Salvatore that his only chance of would require a perfectly timed, executed attack.

Luckily, unlike a flee , for a fight he actually had a few resources he could exploit, mainly the Red Berry Rabbit herd currently being attacked. Now, he just had to wait, but based on the death rate of two Red Berry Rabbit's per minute, it wouldn't be long.

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