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Chapter 22 : Itemization

Level-Up Hitman

Having taken a good 20 minutes to clean a single rabbit monster he stared at the large pile of rabbit corpses with a small amount of realizing it would take him almost a day to prepare them all. Sighing with he stopped to consider whether to continue skinning the rest of the rabbit monsters or to leave them here.

"If only I had a skill for instantly skinning my kills, but the only way I can current gain such a skill is to use the same method I used to acquire my [analyze] skill, however when I tried it a time it ended in failure and pain, lots of pain."

"Still maybe I failed because the skill I was trying to acquire was too complex and require more knowledge than I currently possess, after all I only started using magic today."

"However what I need is a very simple crafting type skill that will remove the fur from these rabbit monsters, not some epic skill which requires intricate in-depth knowledge, it just might work, at the very least it's worth a try."

Intrigued by his hypothesis he quickly grabbed another rabbit and began to visualize a crafting type skill which would separate the rabbit monsters corpse into its part, focusing all his thought on the image of the rabbit separating. Suddenly he heard the systems sultry feminine voice.


[System : Skill Experience Reached. Skill [][Lv.1] Acquired.]

[][Lv. 1] - Disassemble remains up to 10 levels higher than user.

Type: Active.

Cost: 25MP.

Exp. 0\1,000

"It worked, Ha-Haa" he thought happily "It seems I can use this method to acquire simple skills that have no special concept requirements. Now to try this new skill I luckily managed to acquire."

Targeting the rabbit he was still holding, he quickly activated the skill.


Instantly the rabbits remains glowed brightly before dispersing in a as the light separated into several parts that fell to the ground.

As the light disappeared he found lying on the ground a cylindrical mass of reddish meat, a square piece of red fur 1ft x 1ft, a small pile of white bones, and a small glistening red crystal berry.

"Interesting, not only does this skill disassemble the rabbits remains instantly, but forms the harvested parts into a neat, convenient shape."

Grabbing another dead rabbit from the pile, this time he it on the ground before using the [] skill. Instantly in a the rabbits remains were disassembled into the same parts of bones, tube meat, square fur and crystal berry.

Satisfied by the consistent results he continued to process the rabbit remains with the [] skill. After several rabbit he suddenly heard the systems sultry feminine voice.


[System : Skill Level Up. [][Lv. 1] → [Lv. 2]]

Pausing only for a to mentally acknowledge the skills advancement, Salvatore continued to process the rabbits at a quick pace. Grasping the last dead rabbit monster firmly as he activated the skill for the umpteenth time he was surprised to find an glow separate from the remains.

As the light dissipated he that besides the usual items, there was an small, clear, crystal shard that pulsated internally, exuding a glowing faint reddish energy.

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