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Chapter 17 : NOOOOOO!!!

Level-Up Hitman

As he sat atop the smooth stone , leaning against the strange archway, he enjoyed the coolness of the dark stones beneath him and the gentle breeze that leisurely flowed through the leafy branches of the valleys forest strangely massive trees.

Opening his status window, he looked at the tabs at the top of the screen before he quickly selected one on the far right labeled [MAP]. Instantly a message box appeared before him.

Beginning startup process... startup complete.

Linking with main Deity System.... link established.

Beginning STS process.... complete.

As the last message faded a new screen instantly blossomed in its a square screen completely except for the center were their appeared a small area of color which depicted in perfect detail his surroundings in a top-down overview.

the image with a focused thought he that he could even see himself. Lifting his hand he waved it at the same time as his counterpart mirrored his precisely. With absolutely zero lag between his and the he realized the map was basically a high- spy satellite in real-time.

As he examined the border of the map he noticed some tiny white, faintly illuminated along the edge, a plus and minus sign, and a shaped like a pair of angel wings.

"The plus and minus are the zoom, however what is this other ; mused Salvatore

Pressing the wings button with a whoosh the screen instantly zoomed into his exact and moved upright the area directly in front of him from a zoomed in third person view.

Turning his head slowly around, the map screen a image which was the same as his POV (Point-Of-View) precisely. Stopping, he attempted to the image with a thought causing it to shoot quickly forward in a shaky manner through several obstacles until it suddenly stopped upon colliding with the edge of the darkness.

Seeing how the image had moved so quickly he realized the wings activated a sort of free-fly camera mode that allowed him to explore the revealed of his map.

Almost instantly he mastered the maps free-fly mode enabling him to use the slightest of thoughts in order to zoom around the maps area. This single map feature alone which allowed him to effortlessly explore his surroundings in perfect precise detail would prove to be invaluable in the future.

Having mastered the maps free-fly mode he turned his towards something that had been bothering him for quite awhile.

Since he had arrived on Goldstar he had been caught up in the excitement of coming to a new world. It seemed his only bad trait of obsessed with something that catches his interest, and then focusing his on it entirely, until he had forced it to divulge all of its hidden secrets, had reared its ugly head again, causing him to ignore what his highly trained senses were desperately trying to tell him.

Now however as he finished with the map the nagging that something was very wrong with him suddenly became apparent to him, causing him to rise to his feet in order to examine his body closely.

Moving his limbs he finally realizing what was wrong, noticing his body felt weaker, stiffer, all the years of hard work and suffering he had endured to train his body to the peak of physical , that allowed him to have complete control of every aspect of his body was gone.

Removing his PJ's he closely examined his naked body shockingly he now had zero Running back and forth between two trees he angrily that he quickly tired in less than 5 minutes showing he had lost his monstrous endurance that once allowed him to chase a private jet 10,000 miles on foot across Eurasia nonstop in order to kill a target who was on board.

In fact now that he was examining himself he noticed that all of his senses were greatly reduce, and appeared to now be barely at the level of a person. But worst of all, his greatest asset, his PRIDE, the part of him that made him a man above all other men, had actually shrunk, appearing to have transformed from a shaped that easily towered over its peers into something that would cause a newborn's PRIDE to look massive.

Ignoring everything else this fact caused the greatest amount of damage to his psyche. It was so destructive that he suddenly coughed up a wad of blood as his face turned a deathly shade of white.

Falling to his knees he screamed aloud to the heavens unleashing a cry of anguished from his very soul, "DEAR GOD NOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

This heart wrenching cry of sorrow echoed through the entire valley.

At this exact moment, on the other side of the Valley was a large father squirrel monster, standing atop a branch, high above the ground, holding a pair of large golden nuts, talking to his three small squirrel monster sons proudly, about the importance of nuts and how big his pride was because he had a pair of prizewinning golden nuts like these.

As Salvatore's cry of anguish suddenly reached them the father squirrels hands suddenly opened in shock causing him to drop the nuts. Seeing their father drop the nuts, one of the small squirrel monsters asked, "Father what was that terrible sound, it was so scary you dropped your prizewinning nuts?"

Shaking his head, with a sigh of sympathy he said "Boys, that is the sound someone makes when they lose either their pride, or their nuts."

The youngest squirrel hearing this quickly covered his ears. Noticing him covering his ears the father asked with a laugh, "Son, what are you doing?"

"Protecting my ears dad" he calmly replied.

Confused by his answer he asked again.

"But why are you protecting your ears son?"

"Duh, because you just lost your nuts dad!"

Hearing his sons answer, the fur on the father squirrel monsters face turned white as he quickly looked around for his prizewinning nuts. Seeing they had disappeared he to his knees and screamed towards the heavens.


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