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Chapter 8 : Secret Zone

Level-Up Hitman

"Well, now that that's all settled allow me to lay some knowledge on you concerning some rather advanced geography and astrology, but you're a smart lad, I'm sure you'll be able to wrap that "BIG" brain of yours around these rather advanced concepts in no time."

"To start, as I'm sure you've already realized you are now in an entirely different universe called the starverse, yeah, that's right, I know what you're thinking, I had to go to a completely different universe in order to find a worthy candidate, brings a whole new meaning to outsourcing doesn't it."

"Presently we are located in one of the most respected in the entire Starverse, the Star , a filled with unimaginable secrets from bygone eras. Although my Star ;s vast domain is filled with numerous , their exists only 9 habitable systems."

"The Starverse uses a rating system which awards all habitable with a rating which ranges from 1-9 stars, to show how dangerous a habitable is."

" enough, this Archway which is used to connect to another universe is located on the only habitable in this entire with the lowest rating of 1 star, Goldstar, which is a small, single sun system."

"Goldstar is roughly the same size as your worlds sun, with a exact circumference of precisely 500,769 miles, it has 2 massive continents and several smaller ones as well as several numerous The largest continent covering 2/5's of the worlds surface is the Ursa Major continent. we however are currently on her smaller sister continent, the Ursa Minor continent inside of a secret zone called the Big Dipper Valley."

"Wait a minute, what's a secret zone?"

"A secret zone is a pocket of space that is hidden from the world, usually they contain a treasure that has been hidden by someone for safekeeping. There are many secret zones across the entire star that have still to be Even I who can proudly boast of a lifespan exceeding several years has only managed to less than 10% of the secret areas in the entire Star ;

"Secret Zone's are ranked by how old and dangerous the area is, and are ranked from easiest to hardest as, secret zone, hidden zone, lost zone, ancient zone, and primordial zone. The older an area is the greater the level of danger, conversely that also means the greater the treasure you will find, however recently I have come to understand there does exist some to this premise."

"This secret zone we are currently in, the Big Dipper Valley is the least dangerous of all the secret zones I have and yet oddly enough it is also the oldest area I have Based upon the ancient symbols of this Archway and other minute signs found around the valley, I have determined that the Big Dipper Valley is as old as a primordial zone, if not older."

"What, but doesn't that mean this should be an incredibly dangerous !?"

"Exactly, unlike normal creatures, monsters don't grow old, only stronger, usually the older a monster is the stronger they are yet here in this valley's enclosed , after of of years without any external predators the strongest monster in this valley is only a mere level 30 BOSS monster, the [Tangerine Tiger King]. That's far too weak for a secret zone this old."

"The only I can make based upon the data, is that Big Dipper Valley was designed to deliberately limit a monsters ability to develop, in order to allow a chance to grow stronger."

"Anyways this is just one of the countless mysteries in the Star , if you manage to live long enough I'm sure you will find even more."

"Hmm.... for some reason we seem to keep getting off track, because a certain someone keeps asking , although I approve of your inquisitive nature Salvatore, please refrain from asking anymore till I finish talking."

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