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Chapter 5 : Your Limit

Level-Up Hitman

Taking off his magical hat he held it close to his mouth and began to whisper secretly to it for a few then tossed it towards the open sky. Bursting apart into a cloud of sparking lights countless stars of colors and sizes shot into the sky before raining down around them causing their surroundings to quickly shift as it grew darker until they appeared to be floating in space surrounded by countless twinkling stars.

With a humorous twinkle in his eye Sid asked solemnly "So Salvatore what type of would you like me to awaken, how about a powerful magic that wields numerous devastating spells or maybe a strong courageous knight that can wield a mighty of justice or perhaps a swift and stealthy thief or maybe a the of a blessed healer who helps the masses or perhaps something betwixt these choices, whatever you desire simply ask?"

"I thought you said a was decided from birth?"

"FALLING STARS, I said no such thing! Why would one as enlightened as I acknowledge such a held by the majority of the unenlightened masses. Although indeed it is a common held belief that all are hereditary, the truth is that everyone is born with an equal potential for any It's just that innately the your parents had have a slightly better chance of awakening first."

"You see awakening a is like waking up a bunch of bloodthirsty demonic children, the one who manages to wake first will have a clear advantage over the others."

"The most sensitive to this wakeup call is normally one of the their parents had. This recently awoken will be starving and instinctively will begin to devour the rest of the sleeping children, growing stronger with every bite."

"But sometimes more than one of the children will wake up at the same time and also begin to devour at a equally rate. Once they have all finished devouring the rest of the still slumbering children they will turn on each other fighting for supremacy."

"However these newborn children will foolishly expend all of their strength until they are both completely exhausted. Now once again starving their only chance for survival is to consume the other. Eventually in order to live they will merge together, creating a new, stronger, unique ;

"In fact, the subject of is one that we gods heavily discuss, and has been openly debated for of years."

"However it is possible for a god who feels favored towards a certain individual to intervene in this natural process by forcefully awakening one or more of the children while suppressing the others. But this is a taxing endeavorment that is almost never undertaken."

"So have you decided what you would like?"

Wearing a look of profound thought upon his youthful face, Salvatore was like a stone and remained unresponsive to Sid's query. Noticing his without pause Sid continued speaking.

"Let's try a different approach, instead of picking a specific , just describe what you would like to be able to do."

"Well, I would really like a that has no on what types of skills I can learn. I want to be able to cast every spell in existence and even some that don't exist yet, wield everything that enters my hands like a weapon with godlike skill, when bare-handed crush my opponents with my perfect martial arts, in times of needed secrecy be the most stealthiest of individuals, I want to be able to craft and build anything from ancient artifacts from bygone eras to the simplest chair, also I want to be master of all monsters from the weakest of slimes to the mightiest of dragons, is there perhaps a way to awaken a like that?"

Stroking his long white star speckled beard thoughtfully Sid wore a grave look of before his solemn face suddenly split into a massive smile.

Cackling aloud he happily spoke "Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, excellent my boy, excellent your is simply unfathomable, indeed to reach the pinnacle of the starverse you must aim far beyond the highest heavens. Your only limit is yourself and yourself, is your only limit."

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