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Chapter 297 : Chapter 250 : Departure

Once Human, Now a Parasite

When the atmosphere started turning a bit awkward, the copy raised one finger and stated:

"I can give you a small space to do whatever you want with but there's a attached to it."

With a casual tone and the same smile on his face, he gazed at Lolitta, who what just happened a ago and looked at him with as she continuously nodded her head in approval.

The copy had a face to the people who just tricked little kids into doing something, he chuckled and resumed:

"Give me the core of the AI. I know that the system deleted it but seeing how smart you are, I'm sure you've managed to secure a backup core? Isn't that right, Miss Meredith~~?"

The girl's eyes widened when she heard him. She slowly closed them as she struggled into making a , finally, her urge to build a suitable pink room for herself right now won over the so little loyalty she had to the System.

A fingernail-sized bead appeared in the girl's hand, she gently pushed it toward the copy, who happily received it and waved dismissively at the other party, indicating that she could build whatever she wants as long as she doesn't exceed the area he arranged for her.

The bead flew next to the rotating cube and soon merged with it, causing the latter to with a white light for several before it resumed its usual and slow

The copy closed his eyes as he rampaged through the new that was added to the ARK.

"I see... they sure are busy dealing with the Joker. if you ask me, a bunch of lifeless robots trying to fight what cannot be killed, they really never learn..."

He went over a bunch of details, most of them were about Astria, secret , hidden creatures, and ancient treasures but they were all useless to the current Arthur.

The AIs would receive updates every three to four months, it's like a newspaper that informs them about what's happening outside. Thanks to this, the copy came to know one or two things, the main thing was about the Joker, also known as the Magician. Apparently, he caused a big ruckus in the central area of the System's Universe, and in , a lot of machines and systematic weapons were dispatched to kill him, unfortunately, the results were pathetic.

The and less important piece of news is the Celestial that five years ago. This was still a hot topic in all three Universes. There are many potential candidates, those who most likely caused this to appear. Some denied the and others chose to remain silent, there are also those who proudly they were the ones who defied the Heavens and achieved the impossible, unfortunately, they didn't have evidence to back up their


Arthur, who just leaped through space and appeared on top of the high tower situated at the center of the MoonStar sect, was in a good mood as all the past hurdles were finally gone.

In a short while, he'll go to Earth and meet his wife, at last, it's been so long, longer than what it seemed to most people.

Although only five years passed, he lived much, much more than that. Excluding the amount he passed training after the 'Divine Fight', he was forced to live inside bears, eagles, and even a Human, and for long of time too.

He was mentally exhausted, and he truly needed a small where his mind isn't worried about his wife and daughter or about enemy attacks.

His copy informed him that the System was added to Earth too, which means there's an 'office' hidden there too. Seeing how Earth isn't a where there's Gods and Divine Beings, the AI will certainly be weak, and lower in grade, lower than even the one which was on Astria, precisely in the Westia Continent.

"Astrith should be able to locate the office with Lolitta's help."

Arthur talked to his copy as he gazed at the MoonStar sect, which has flourished even more after five years have passed. There were much more buildings and the road was wide and bituminized, it no longer resembled a newly founded sect but a bustling capital city.

The few kilometers around the High Tower was only meant for Core disciples and those affiliated with the sect, as for the rest of the territory, a fifth of it was turned into one of the biggest cities in all of Astria.

With a sturdy defensive wall surrounding the whole territory, three bones dragons guarding the skies and a mutated red minotaur protecting the main gate, nothing could invade this land and remain unscathed unless it's a Divine Being.

"Thanks to the little girl's help, I can make a device that will act up if we're close to an office, it should help in the search."

The copy stated proudly as he fiddled with the ARK inside the white space and after a few , he pulled a metallic card.

With a wave of his hand, the card appeared in front of Arthur, who inspected it and then put it in the storage ring.

With a call from his master, the blue lightning wolf, Astrith, appeared from within Arthur's

After absorbing some of the Celestial lightning and hibernating for an extra five years. The wolf no longer had a blue or brown fur, he was now jet with two blood-colored eyes that emitted small sparks of red lightning every now and then.


As Arthur descended the stairs, intending to go meet with Anastassia and co, but from out of nowhere, a dark shadow assaulted him.

The silhouette was shorter than him but it was agile and flexible.

Arthur didn't dodge or block the attack, he stood there, , as he watched what's happening with a smirk on his face.

A dagger was stabbing at his head and all that could be seen was a red shadow, a burst of Blood Magic followed right after the dagger, trying to injure vital spots of his legs to immobilize him.

Unfortunately, once the dagger touched his chest, it shattered instantly, like broken , it fell on the floor after breaking into countless pieces.

The Blood Magic hit the intended spots but did no damage, not even the clothes were affected, even a breeze of air would cause more of a than this.

Arthur swiftly moved his hand and grabbed the enemy from his legs, turning his body upside down thus leaving him dangling in the air and trying to attack him as he sent small but deadly bursts of Blood Magic at his face, unfortunately, they did no damage as Arthur's defense was at this state.

As he had a closer look at this defenseless chicken who has been caught by its leg, Arthur remembered this young face. Although it's been five years, his memory is fresh and it only took him a small to know the identity of this person.

This dark-haired young man was Rey, the kid who was about to be killed by Arthur only to be spared when Robin intervened and begged him to spare that little boy, who looked pitiful but was a scheming little bastard in reality.

Apparently, after he got picked up by Robin and properly taken care of, the kid became docile and less aggressive than before. He would still act cute in front of Robin but he no longer did evil things like back then when he was cooperating with the mages.

"Well, isn't this one small sheep."

Since Arthur's appearance was a bit different from their last meeting and with the scar on his face and having his head upside down, Rey wasn't able to identify Arthur, only when the latter spoke and the young man had a close look at the invader did he realize who he just attacked.

"Let me down!"

The boy wriggled his body and tried to shake off Arthur's hand but to no avail, Arthur's grip contained more than two points in Strength, not even a Sovereign could escape his grasp, much less Rey.

The youth was going to shout again but suddenly froze when he caught sight of Astrith, who just appeared behind Arthur. The size of the wolf decreased to be able to fit inside the stairs but the menacing aura he was emitting and the eyes were still present.

Rey felt suffocated as his eyes met with wolf's, he ceased any movements and patiently waited for Arthur to let him go.

"Would you let that boy down already?"

A voice originated from the end of the stairs. Upon a closer look, it was none other than Robin, who looked exactly the same despite the passing of years.

Still wearing those and the noble clothes that suited her status. Unlike the past, she seemed much more mature and no longer had that childish , she appeared composed and responsible.

She Arthur almost immediately, the news of his survival were already spread when Astrith made a personal trip five years ago to inform them of what happened.

He didn't go in details but he informed Anastassia and co about Arthur's state and that he shouldn't be disturbed. Arthur shrugged his shoulders and let go of Rey thus leading the latter to fall on his head, which brought a type of pain unwanted by anyone.

Arthur ignored Rey and shook hands with Robin who appeared pleased to see him.

"You've been away for quite a while. I thought it'll take you less time."

"Many things happened, I've done my best to come back early but things could not have been rushed."

As she Arthur to the meeting room, they chatted with each other and exchanged about the current state of Astria.

From what Arthur head, the Eastern and Northern Continents were peaceful. There existed a few skirmishes between Humans and Demons on the North but after the MoonStar intervened and warned the Nobles residing in the Demon Continent, things have calmed down.

As for the Western Continent, as of lately, there are many attempts to covet the sect's lands and eradicate the system they put. To minimize internal battles, Anastassia created a few rules that should never be crossed, even some of the Nobles living here were against it but after she executed some of them, the rest quietened and turned docile.

Apparently, the hidden sects and that are living on the Eastern Continent started allying with each other and pressuring the MoonStar sect. They do not pose any threat but they still cause some hindrances, especially in the trades between merchants from a continent to another.

Robin about how many were ruined and how much Gold and resources were lost due to their meddlings.


Soon enough, they arrived at the familiar meeting room, where Anastassia, Lissandra, Mary, , Taliya and Sonia were waiting for them. Surprisingly, there was someone who Arthur didn't expect to meet here.

With an ugly face that resembles nothing, a brown skin and pointy teeth, it was none other than Gutcha.

Just as stepped inside, Arthur received a bear hug from Jackob, who was beaming with smiles. Even Anastassia gave him a light hug and passed him a simple golden ring.

With the threat of the Divine Beast and his return, there was nothing to worry about. Unlike their last meeting where the atmosphere was pretty tense, this time the room was filled with laughter and joy;

Even Arthur smiled as it's nice to see his friends after so much time passed, especially for him.

"I say, you look like a with that scar, it really suits you!"

Mary joked around as she stared at his scar. The beastwoman grew even taller and the some 'parts' of her body became more noticeable.

"That's not a good joke, Mary! If it can injure Arthur then it's definitely something dangerous!"

Sonia interjected as she her friend and sneakily at Arthur's scar. The fight between him and the Divine Beasts is something everyone present knows about, to inflict him with a permanent scar, the power of the enemy is nothing to at.


An hour and a half later, they finally finished speaking. Arthur stood up and closed his eyes, focusing for a few before he the air in front of him, ripping space. He casually pulled four individuals from the Space Rift then tossed them next to Anastassia, who was dumbfounded by what just happened.

"So this is what you meant by saying you're going to 'fetch' them..."

Three of the pulled individuals were old men while the last was a thin white-haired old woman. These were the main leaders of the hidden on the Eastern Continent.

They were the strongest within their own or sect so Arthur pulled them here so Anastassia could deal with them. They started this and repeatedly caused his sect to suffer big losses so it's time they 'repent'.

Arthur asked Anastassia to come with him but was rejected as she said that she has to prepare for the wedding.

It didn't come at a surprise that Jackob and Anastassia are getting together, in fact, he thought that Jackob took long then again, it may be Anastassia's fault, whose requirements are set a bit high.

, both of them were in love with each other and the wedding was scheduled to be three weeks from now.

He happily the and promised her that he'll bring Lucy and Saly. Poor old Gutcha was by Arthur but after he told him some good news, he quickly about the matter of the Pigolo coming here and he even rewarded him with a decent sum of Red Spirit Stones.

From Gutcha's mouth, Arthur came to know that, after the catastrophe, things became quite chaotic in the Green-Leaf world. The Pigolo even that a strange woman appeared in the , she's very secretive and usually resides inside Amidel's city.

Gutcha's net of is very wide and efficient, although there were some casualties who were unfortunate enough to meet with this woman, the was, nevertheless, fruitful.

By the way Gutcha described this woman, Arthur had an idea about who she was, he wasn't certain but there was some room for If his guess is correct then he'll definitely give her a nice visit once he meets up with Lucy.

Gutcha was assigned to him to Earth, the pigolo is quite skillful at acquiring useful and he could use his help to find certain people from the past.

The Demon Maid was also hellbent on following him to Earth, saying that it's her duty and all that nonsense. Arthur had no choice but to after her relentless insistence.

Arthur wanted to have a small chat with Lissandra, who hasn't said a word since the beginning but decided against this for the time being.


After the meeting, they changed and moved to the roof, they were all looking at Arthur, who was continuously ripping space and shaping it to his will.

He already obtained Earth's coordinates from the excited and restless Lolitta. All was done and Taliya, Astrith, and Gutcha were standing a few meters behind him, readying themselves.

Lolitta couldn't hold it anymore and left the ARK, jumping around in excitement but that only led to the others feeling surprised and looking at Arthur in a weird way. Only after smacking her head to calm her down and properly who she is, did their strange look disappear.

They didn't do an farewell as Arthur said he'll come back after a few days if things went right, which they should. Astrith and Taliya had the card that his copy invented, they were tasked to find the office hidden on Earth, as for Gutcha, he was given a special ring that can change his appearance.

The language used on Earth is different from here so he has to learn it from scratch but knowing his talents, Arthur was certain that it shouldn't be a problem for Gutcha.

With the tunnel properly done and set to the right , it was pretty stable and there should be no problems so after saying their temporary farewell, Arthur and co departed for Earth.

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