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Chapter 293 : Chapter 246 : Returning it To Its Rightful Owner

Once Human, Now a Parasite

"So this is where the continent is."

"Technically, it's not but A sage from the past cast a powerful barrier around it, separating it from the rest of the world to spare it from the catastrophe that ten thousand years ago. I guess, in a way, that sage knew about the dangers that'll befall on Astria and decided to act early."

The copy was also amazed by the level of the spell, it was the first time he saw something of this level, it's definitely not someone any Magic expert could do.

"The great library is the center of the continent, right?"

"It should be, Zodiak's notes are always ;(copy)

Arthur nodded his head and raised his hand, the air with his fingers as soft and thin invisible threads twirled around him.

The threads wrapped around his body, creating a white armor that seemed pretty fragile.

The next step was injecting this armor with a mind-numbing amount of Demonic Lightning.

"Spending twenty years learning about and how to bypass or break them was indeed not a waste of time. At least I don't need to tell you what to do everytime you a hurdle."

Like [Transcendence], Arthur's body became covered with weird-looking lightning, it was soundless and calmer than any other form of lightning. As he proceeded forward, the fog several meters around him began dispersing, creating a small path, barely enough for him to pass.

Although he had a speed that's almost unmatchable, Arthur slowly proceeded into that spell, not wanting to either break it or raise a huge disturbance.

Those kinds of aren't just to mislead the invaders from outside, they can kill anyone that tries to use brute force to barge in. It has been present from more than ten millenniums.

Around three hours later, a large piece of land entered Arthur's view. It was a desert with high mountains of sand and a hot weather dominating the area.

"The spell is cast only around the continent, so it's fine if you travel faster now."

In response, Arthur discarded the lightning armor and ripped space with his bare hands and casually entered, appearing of miles away. In a world like Astria, where it's not even considered a Low-Realm, space is more fragile thus he can travel long distances this easily.

In comparison, Arthur could only travel for a few thousand miles with each leap in the Green-leaf Word. As for ripping the space of a High-Realm, it's a doable feat but the traveled distance would be meager and using normal lightning to move around would be much more efficient.

With his new map that had range and his sense, which got a huge boost, that could cover more than half of this continent. Arthur was able to locate his

As he was about to rip space and leap a time to appear at the center of the continent, Arthur sensed a familiar energy not far away from him.

unexpectedly, there was no remark from his copy, who would never shut up when something out of the worm appears. Making use of his sense, Arthur pinpointed the exact of the source of this familiar energy.

He leaped in space and appeared some distance away from where the from earlier was felt. Upon a closer look, approximately four hundred meters away from him, on the top of a tall mountain that reached the clouds, there was a battle

One was a Dark Dragon that was a bit weaker than Yamak and the other was a party of five people. From what he's seeing, Arthur guessed that the dragon was winning as one of the five was gravely injured, two of his comrades were protecting him from the AoE attacks the enemy was unleashing.

Arthur inspected the five of them one by one then shifted his back to the first target he appraised, it was a dark-haired young man with pale skin and an face.

He wore a dusty dark-armor and wielded a two-handed sword made from some kind of Steel.

'It's definitely him. This energy... it's to Dark Magic yet much more ominous and unsettling.'

For the first time since , Arthur some type of Magic that made him feel and uneasy. It was chilling and threatening despite the fact that the young man was merely Lv198.

He first thought of ignoring this kid and resume his but he was stopped by his copy:

"Stop! I need you to give him something?"

"Give him something? Do you know him?"

As he gazed at the young man through the mirror inside the ARK, the copy chuckled and replied

"Know him? I guess we can be called acquaintances. Now, go save him."

Arthur was confused as he listened to his copy's words. He felt about the of his copy and the between the youth and the 'thing' inside the ARK.

"It's no big deal, he'll be able to defeat the dark dragon sooner or later."

Unlike what his copy told him to do, Arthur crossed his arms and patiently waiting, unwilling to move unless he receives a satisfactory answer.

"It's not the time for chitchat, since you're here and he's in danger then to the intersected timelines, you must save him or he'll perish for sure and believe me when I say it, it's not something that you'll want."

Although reluctant, Arthur finally made his move, instantly appearing between the two battling parties, surprising them and halting the fierce ongoing fight.

The dark dragon was too slow to react and was beheaded on the spot by Arthur's threads, which sliced its head without meeting any resistance. A dragon of its caliber is nothing compared to the Azure Dragon, which is considered a weak opponent for the current Arthur.

As for the group of five, they all had grim as they stared at him with fear and shock. From their point a view, his sudden appearance and the death of the dark dragon is no mere coincidence, any fool could link these pieces together and figure out who killed the winged lizard.

"W-who're you?"

A short girl with a long red staff on her hands, spoke with a shaky tone as she said those words.

Arthur didn't look like a normal person, with a scar on his face, a long grey hair and a blood red pupil. He didn't try to look domineering or scare them with his pressure, in fact, thanks to his long training, he became able to skillfully hide his aura, making enemies unable to sense him unless he wishes for it.

As Arthur waited for his copy to take the thing that needs to be given to this youth, dark fog started materializing in front of him until a longsword over two meters long was floating before him.

It was pure , even its hilt, there were no gems or engravings on them. From every angle you look at it, it seemed to be no more than simple weapon made from the same material, yet this longsword brought Arthur more fear than he should have.

It felt like a simple strike from this thing could kill him even if the wound was small or insignificant. Makaze felt it too as it started vibrated intensely, it was a sword too and it didn't like to be dominated by others, however, it didn't start raging or acting recklessly, it still remained in Arthur's sheath, remaining for the moment he uses it.

"What's this?"

Arthur's eyes never left the longsword since the it appeared, it brought a heavy feeling to him and just by being close to it, he felt burdened and engulfed in an endless darkness, one that wants to devour him whole.

"It's nothing, just returning the item to its owner.... and don't touch lest you gain a permanent, irreversible curse, that'll surely be a for you hehehe."

The longsword slowly flew toward the dark-haired youth, who stretched his hands and held it. Some kind of was formed between the two of them and once he laid hands on that terrifying weapon, the aura around the youth became stronger, deadlier and more overwhelming.

With a still face, the youth asked:

"Why are you giving it to me?"

Arthur waved his hands in disapproval and retorted

"Giving it? I'm simply returning it."

Unlike the coldness that can be read in his eyes, the young man did a slight bow toward Arthur and politely said

"Thank you for saving us.... and for the sword."

In response to him, Arthur nodded his head while smiling and left that area after leaving those final words

"You can thank me properly when you stronger, for now, you owe me one."

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