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Chapter 284 : Chapter 237 : Angry Tiger

Once Human, Now a Parasite

The red arc, like an unstoppable and sharp , cut more than forth of the White Tiger's body, causing a mass of flesh and fountain of blood to fall below.

The tiger rotated its body so the arc hit it from behind thus severing its right leg and its tail once and for all. Its behind became mangled flesh and boiling blood that kept gushing out nonstop. In response to this horrifying wound, the tiger roared loudly as it showed a savage look.

It disregarded its injury and leapt at Swain, who now had a pale face and shivering body. It was apparent that his last strike required a significant amount of energy, it depleted him and rendered him unable to move for a short of time.

Unfortunately for the tiger, it wasn't going an easy feat to bypass the other and directly hit the defenseless Swain, even with its incredible speed, it couldn't ignore them.

Curtis had put the spear on his back and unsheathed his sword and held his shield, he stood in front of Swain and raised his shield while chanting a short

The silver wolf's usually red eyes started pulsating with a bright blue light, this lead to the world grey and the movements of his allies and foe alike became much slower, almost freezing mid-air.

He activated [Transcendence] and [Eternium] at the same time, generating Natural lightning around him and covering his body with it while also adding a mix of ancient and Dark Magic, boosting his Agility to its maximum.

He didn't use the Griffin's skill as he deemed it unnecessary for the time being, its cost isn't something to laugh at and losing more Mental Power(permanently) won't do him any good if he ever wants to the imminent death that befell on him due to breaking his chains.

With a body covered by three separate attributes, each complimenting the other and transforming his appearance from a silver wolf to a green lightning wolf with two large wings on his back, one made from dark red and the other jet with dark on its edge.

Arthur focused his on the White Tiger, which was the only one that was moving at a moderate speed even after he used the special ability of his eyes. He crouched his body and, like a cannon, charged at the tiger head-on, to crash into it and purposely send it flying toward Astrith, who was more than prepared to it.

When he was only a few meters away from the Divine Beast, the time finally regained its normal speed, the tiger which was supposed to crush Curtis and finish Swain, was momentarily surprised as it felt Arthur's presence so close it.

So far, none of its enemies could hit it when it was moving, moreover, the angle Arthur aimed at was a blind spot. The tiger couldn't lower its speed at such a crucial time or else the others would bombard it with attacks again so, in , it used its fur to sent countless white spikes at Arthur, who ignored them and continued his powerful charge.

The white spikes were halted mid-air as they with the strengthened Dark Barrier, although they weren't completely deflected, the split that the Dark Barrier managed to buy for Arthur was more than enough for him to finally hit his target.

However, contrary to his , the he hit the White Tiger, the latter transformed into a puddle of weird acid that touched every part of his body.

His health didn't decrease but his speed suffered a great loss, it was as if he was carrying a mountain on his back. The powerful charge was for naught as the target used some kind of trick to evade it.

This was the first time the White Tiger such a technique so Arthur couldn't have predicted such an , nevertheless, he didn't despair, he calmly assessed the and relied on his map and sense to locate where the true White Tiger was.

A big red spot could be seen on top of a green , which was none other than himself. This only meant that the tiger is either above him or below him, so while making good use of both of his wings, he started spinning his body, unleashing a torrent of Dark and Waves all around him.

The Dark Waves covered the skies and the ancient spun around him, creating a whirlpool with him at its center, its pressure was increasing every passing yet even after some time passed, there was no sign of the White Tiger.

"It's above you!"

The copy's voice rang in Arthur's ears, in response to this warning, he his spinning and created more than twenty detonators above him. These creepy looking fireballs were clustered next to each other so that the of one of them will cause the rest to follow thus multiplying their damage by a great deal.

Just after the detonators appeared, a golden light descended from above, followed by a thick murderous intent that was locked at Arthur.

"This bastard's target was me from the start."

The silver wolf halted its spinning abruptly and spat a grey and ominous grey orb. Arthur didn't stop with just that orb, he conjured hundreds of small void mouths that lurked around the grey orb, eating everything in their path.

Despite his low proficiency in Void Magic, Arthur managed to control the void mouths so they would ignore the dark waves and around them lest they devour everything and open a path for the White Tiger.

With the rampaging dark waves, flooding ancient , eating void mouths and the grey orb at the center, even a Divine Beast cannot resist all at the same time, that's while excluding the existence of the detonators, which are the last wall of defense for Arthur.

The White Tiger shadow rushed at Arthur, it didn't even at the attacks as if they didn't exist. When the Waves were about to cover it whole, something astonishing happened, like it was in a separate , the White Tiger passed through the enormous dark waves and the without receiving any kind of damage.

Then came the grey orb and the void mouths, which like their predecessors, could do nothing as the Divine Beast passed through them.

This came as a great shock to Arthur, even the copy was startled for a split before he realized what's happening.

"It's not fazing through! It's actually a lasting afterimage, it's not the real one!"

Unfortunately, the copy realized this way too late as, by the time he spoke, a White Tiger had already appeared behind the silver wolf, Arthur with its elongated golden

The back of the silver wolf received a bloody scar more than two meters in length, the Natural Lightning covering Arthur was forcefully repelled as he regained his normal appearance with a deep injury that even showed his bones.

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