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Chapter 272 : Chapter 225 : What a True Parasite Really Is

Once Human, Now a Parasite

Arthur was going to head for the Bird and finish it when he heard a shout coming from inside of him.


This was none other than his voice, to be more precise, it was his lame copy which resided inside the ARK.

"What do you want, I'm not in a to have a chitchat with you."

An immediate response right after:

"Then don't talk, just listen. I need you to let me control your body for a short while. You are misusing your abilities, you're not unleashing your full potential, let me show how and aid you at the same time."

Arthur paused as he heard that, he felt skeptical as he didn't fully trust his copy but seeing the tiger which shook the Dark Spear off itself, he thought

'I have no choice, do I?'

"You do a have a choice."

Arthur hesitated for a split before he grumpily said

"... fine."

Now then, if I'm to control your body, you need to enter the ARK right now, in all cases, I'll only be able to control your body for half a minute at best but I'm confident I can better than you. Just sit inside and watch, learn how a Parasite fights, how powerful you really are."


As he said the needed word, Arthur found himself inside the ARK with only endless white space surrounding him. In front of him, there was some kind of screen, the three Divine Beast and himself facing each other.

Outside of the ARK, the copy took control of Arthur's body, he looked at his new hand which fully regenerated after some time passed. His body was still in a very bad state but it didn't seem he cared.

He let out a cold smirk as he gazed at the White Tiger, The Bird, and the growling turtle.

'Arthur, watch and witness why your Race is unique, why it is feared by all higher beings.'

As he talked to himself, the copy transformed into a thin yellow lightning streak that headed for the White Tiger instead of the half-dead firebird.

Two whirlpools appeared above his open palms, they were spinning slowly but they were very ominous as gas came out from their center.

The White Tiger, who was injured by the spear, was enraged by Arthur, who inflicted this wound to it. it just got rid of the spear so its movements became a bit easier, once it saw the foe coming straight at it, it roared angrily and charged at the lightning streak.

The distance separating them was big but with their speed, it was crossed in less than a , Arthur, who was no longer a lightning streak, was now facing the tiger, which him with its while its white fur turned into countless small needles that wanted to stab him.

The copy wasn't the least bit fazed by this, he didn't even panic, he transformed into a whirlpool himself and possessed a very tiny that could barely be seen. There were still two whirlpools bigger than his body spinning around it, all the needle-like fur that got close to it were devoured with no resistance whatsoever.

Just like that, the copy dodged the , they couldn't hit him since his body was too small, he smoothly passed through them with ease, then the two whirlpools suddenly in size and started affecting the big while Arthur's copy left the body and used [Faster Than Death], appearing behind the white tiger. The Griffin's body appeared from nowhere, and by the time the tiger reacted to the copy's sudden , the bone corpse of the Griffin was already behind it, ready to strike.

The bones of the Griffin started burning with dark and its mouth ruthlessly bit down on the back of the Divine Beast's neck, trying to cut its head off.

As he was handling the White Tiger, the copy to the watching Arthur a few tricks.

"You see, the possibilities are infinite with all those corpses you have. In most of the times, a big attack can be avoided with a small body that can pass through it or evade it. You defend with a small body and attack with a big one, after all, they can't hit something as big as an insect, they need to be pretty and they'll stop throwing a bunch of powerful big attacks, which is advantageous to you.

You can use almost all of your skills while possessing most of the bodies but skills work much better in a body suited for them. It is not by the System but Nature Magic is much easier and stronger to use if you're possessing a body, same thing with fire if you're possessing a creature born from pure elemental fire.

That's a part of what makes a parasite so powerful, they became what they possess, they obtain everything from their host. You only care for the skills and stats and fight in a humanoid body but that's a big mistake, you need variety, versatility!"

Blood gushed out from the back of the tiger's neck as it cried in agony and wriggled its body , trying to shake off the Griffin which coiled its bony body around it, not letting go even after shattering a large part of its lower body.

Dark started covering the tiger, the two whirlpools had already as big as the tiger, they span slowly and were inches close to each other, as if they'll collide at any

The other Divine Beast didn't watch idly, a dozen dark scales were flying straight at the Griffin, wanting to shatter its bones. This was by a terrifying force that wanted to sink Arthur's current body down but this only led to both the tiger and the Griffin falling to the bottomless fire abyss below.

"One more thing to note, just like a Parasite can control a body, it can also control a part of the body and ignore the rest. If your mental is quick enough, you can abandon the part where the attack is going to hit, then you'll suffer no damage. Take this brainless cat, for example, it is tearing the lower body of the Griffin while I'm only possessing the upper part, my Health is not decreasing but increasing instead."

As he said that, the copy left the Griffin's body which kept falling with the tiger, the two whirlpools fused into one enormous whirlpool that followed them. It started tearing off the tiger's fur, and skin slowly and the victim could do nothing with the strengthened bones of the Griffin holding it down, its neck was bitten and its body was covered in

"He's done, 8.4 Now onto the next."

He possessed the body of a small rat that zigzagged between the scales like it was nothing. They weren't even able to block his path as he flew straight at the Bird, which was being healed by the turtle.

Its body fully except its left wing, which was slowly materializing, the heat around it was just as intense as the beginning and its eyes were blood red, showing that the Divine Beast's anger reached its peak.

"This one doesn't need much time, no more than 4 ;

The copy chuckled as it left the rat's body and possessed the body of a large blue bird that was half the size of the opponent. The bird released an icy aura behind it, freezing the air and disturbing the space.

"You're probably confused on why I'm not using Dark Magic to kill it, right? Well, it is very efficient against it but you know what's better? Ice Magic. You don't need a special Ice like Lucy's to kill it, you just need absolute control over your attribute, and of course, experience."

Large waves of orange blocked the copy's path, the sky was illuminated by the descending that covered the copy's view but he wasn't worried, in fact, he used the bird's body to let out a loud screech as countless ice spears, cutting those before they could melt.

The large waves were easily disposed of off using three-meter long ice spear, however, this wasn't the end as the bluebird waved its wing, sending some kind of a blue fog that enveloped the area, freezing the environment and diminishing the coming out from the Bird's body.

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