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Chapter 264 : Chapter 217 : The Fearsome Dragon Breath (2)

Once Human, Now a Parasite

The gloomy sky that was affected by Arthur's Dark Magic and the presence of the four Divine Beast became much darker with a shade of red looming over it, as if a terrifying beast was gazing at Arthur from above.

Clenching his teeth and preparing from the impact, Arthur witnessed a humongous wave of illusory fire come out from Azure Dragon's gaping mouth, the wave became bigger by the , each meter it crossed, it increased by more than three times its size.

Its speed was so fast that it was practically unavoidable, Arthur's was only filled with , that covered all his view, rendering him incapable of trying to find a weak spot to dive through.

The forest below was incinerated, leaving nothing but ash that slowly fell into the ground, mountains, valleys and rivers disappeared, the effect of the dragon breath far surpassed even Arthur's unique skill, Rizaki.

Thousands of miles were turned into a living hell, all the hiding beast in that radius were instantly killed, the nearby towns and cities were pulverized, leaving nothing but a dead zone, devoid of any of its luster and life.

Arthur was in no better either, fortunately, the Death was able to hold for a few , blocking some of the and the energy brought with it, however, despite the presence of the , the defensive skills and the shield, Arthur was still injured as his skin burned, the skill [Eternium] was forcefully disrupted him, giving him his original appearance.

He looked haggard with disheveled hair, a completely burned shoulder that had endless blood gushing out of it, the wound on his chest that was supposed to be was hit by the and caused him to cough a large mouthful of blood as he resisted the urge to let go of the big dark shield.

The two crossed sword emitted a large amount of grey fog trying to resist the energy along with the illusory but after a few , cracks started appearing all over the two gigantic swords.

Arthur continuously conjured Dark Barrier, although they get destroyed almost immediately, it's still useful and better than doing nothing. Where he was right now was the safest for the time being, if he gets out of the Death or tried doing some reckless, it'll only lead to his expected death.

The good thing was, he can't feel any pain from the injuries he's suffering over time, which is a huge advantage since the wounds he's sustaining right now are definitely nothing to laugh at.

Even someone who has a high resistance toward pain may fall or lose focus, after all, it's not a simple cut but a high-degree burn on his shoulder, a gaping hole in his chest and cracking bones that seemed to be affected by the energy that rushed at him along with the damned dragon

'Oh no!'

Arthur caught a glimpse of the two swords which just happened to shatter, unable to hold the and energy any longer, the countless other swords forming a sphere around Arthur were instantaneously destroyed as they were just too weak to be able to resist the dragon breath.

Just like that, the Death was obliterated before he could unleash its full potential, followed by the dark cube with only held on for two before following the same fate as the

Like a cannon, Arthur body was flung away from the sky, it was sent flying like a kite until it heavily crashed into the burning ground, which was only a mass of ash and earth.

A huge crater was formed due to the strong impact, right at its center was Arthur, whose body was engraved on the Earth with blood leaking out from all pore of his body. His face was incredibly pale as the illusory assaulted him, managing to completely incinerate his left which lose his left arm. The also injured his chest but he managed to react in time and put all his focus on channeling the dark-star strengthening technique hence protecting himself from the internal damage that the could cause.

Even the unbreakable chains that presumably no one but him could break were showing signs of

They felt a bit weaker and they were hot as they were clearly affected by the dragon breath. What's more terrifying is the energy that could not be seen by even his new eyes, it had an effect to the Natural Lightning but it was way deadlier.

It twisted his organs and shook his muscles, making his body feel numb and irresponsive thus limiting his movements. Looking at his Health bar, Arthur let out a rough chuckle which caused more blood to leak out of his mouth. Only 8% of his Health is left, which basically meant he's already on the verge of death.

Not only was he a step away from dying, his health was decreasing rather than ! The energy was doing damage over time, moreover, the dragon breath was still not done. Since half a minute ago, the Azure Dragon was still breathing out the energy and the illusory The other three beasts were at the back, gazing at the miserable Arthur, who was lying on the floor bloodied and in a very bad state.

From the look on their faces, they no longer deemed Arthur as a worthy opponent, from their point of view, he was already finished after receiving the dragon breath head-on, it simply isn't possible to remain unscathed even if it's some sort of a sacred deity receiving this blow, which is why they never thought that Arthur could possibly fight them after this.

The Azure Dragon noticed that Arthur was going to die soon, it at Arthur and closed its mouth, putting an end to its dragon breath, or so thought Arthur.

Not even a passed before the Azure Dragon opened its mouth and spat a red ball of light half its size. The ball of red light brought with it a suffocating pressure as it headed towards Arthur, to him and turn him into complete nothingness, not even leaving him a way out. The Divine Beasts may be arrogant and proud but they never underestimate their enemies, whether it's an ant or a strong sage, they always finish the job properly even if their foe is already going to die whether they interfered or not.

Seeing the doom, Arthur tried to move or even teleport but he couldn't, the energy ruptured his body, making him to a cripple, if not for his godly then his heart would have been burnt already.

He knew that he'll definitely die if this were to hit him, so he prepared himself to use [Death Binding], he'll be able to survive for the next ten but he didn't know if this ball of red light had a lasting effect like the dragon breath or not.

Just as Arthur was going to activate [Death Binding], a streak of dark light flew from above, blocking the ball's way and with it head-on, causing the space to shatter and the air to incredibly turbulent.

Arthur was dumbfounded as he stared at Makaze, which acted on its own for the first time, he never commanded it to move as he simply couldn't, who would have thought that this dark could operate separately, moreover, it was even able to with the ball of red light and not be flung off immediately!!

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