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Chapter 218 : Chapter 174 : Danger On The Way

Once Human, Now a Parasite

"Who might you be?"

Emily tried to politely ask Arthur but it was apparent that she didn't have a good of this woman, who her brother was suddenly attracted to.

"I'm merely a cultivator like everyone else here."

Arthur chuckled inside and answered the Emily, who was overfriendly to the red-haired youth but refused to trust him, the master of that youth.

"How do you know my brother?"

"Emily, stop it."

Kithel reprimanded his little sister, which caused her to begrudgingly nod her head and snort, unsatisfied about not getting any answer. Arthur felt someone inspecting his body, but he pretended not to feel anything since Emily won't be able to find his real Realm. To begin with, he was at the Peak of the Divine Realm after possessing the old man, and for the body he was possessing, it isn't strange for it to be at the Divine Realm since there are a few rogue cultivators who have reached the God Realm but their overall prowess is weak compared to old Gods belonging to the and sects.

Kithel wasn't able to take his eyes off Arthur, which was kind of , but was still bearable, for now, at least. It didn't seem like the young man was going to leave anytime soon as his was focused wholly on the woman next to him, so it could only mean that he would leave when she does, which why Arthur decided to go after a bit. He was waiting for no one and having Kithel him out would ease things out between him and the Kang Elders, who will probably want an

Two hours quietly passed with Emily still giving angry at Arthur and Kithel maintained that mesmerized look, as if he couldn't bear to look away. Arthur started to ponder if this young man was struck by love at first sight, however, that may seem too far-fetched unless his tastes are unusually low for a genius like him.

The woman he was staring at finally moved, snapping Kithel out of his daze and alerting Emily, as for the crowd, they have long since stopped paying to the duo, what's more, important for them is the spots which could give them a one in a lifetime chance to obtain a good fortune.

"Miss, did you decide to try out your chance?"

Arthur shook his head and answered while maintaining a friendly smile

"No, it's time for me to leave."

"Then please, let me out of the tomb, it's a road filled with dangerous beasts."

'Ugh I guess men here are more straightforward than I expected.'

Arthur wasn't a smooth talker and he didn't win Lucy's heart by sweet talking so he found it weird when he was the target of such things.

Arthur didn't have any reason to refuse, in fact, he was waiting for Kithel to say that. With the young man leading the way and Emily walking behind him, starring with dagger-eyes at his back, they marched out of the main

It didn't take long before they got out of the large area containing the ruins. The short trip was filled by silence, an awkward silence that Kithel didn't mind, as for Emily, she started ignoring Arthur and went back to her usual attitude, looking around left and right.

Arthur remembered the uneasy feeling of earlier and had to make some kind of , so he halted his steps, startling both his Without any notice, he took out the book out of his waist and for the golem to fuse with it.

A red fog surrounded the golem and in an instant, the red-haired youth emerged, making both the brother and sister , especially Emily, who rubbed her eyes multiple times, unable to believe who's in front of her.

"H-How did you appear.."

"We meet again, Miss Emily, Sir Kithel."

The youth bowed politely to the duo then stood next to the woman, making them realize what the actually was.

"Swain! It's actually you!"

Delighted to see her new friend again, Emily leaped at the youth to hug him but the red-haired youth, who was named Swain by Emily, dodged her 'attack' as if he was used to it.

"Do you two know each other?"

Kithel cleverly asked Swain since his he was closer to the youth than the woman, he hoped that their wasn't a romantic one but if Arthur were to hear his thoughts, he would surely burst out in laughter.

"My apologies for the late , this lady here is my master."

This made the duo startled again, especially Emily, who furrowed her brows in It isn't rare to see servants but most of them are usually weaker than their master, however, in this case, the woman was clearly weaker than Swain, who was even stronger than her, the real genius of the Kang Family.

Hearing Swain, Kithel breathed a sigh of relief and his face regained his usual charismatic smile, as for Emily, she was just like her brother and didn't think that there is anything , the only weird thing is how the woman is weaker than the servant but maybe she has a high social standing, which it.

"Miss, with Swain with us, I doubt we'll face any danger, why don't we continue our journey."

Kithel didn't ask why the woman hid her identity or why didn't Swain tell them from the start, he knew that some secrets must be kept hidden and it's not the time for such He to invite Arthur to their Kang Castle to stay for a few days, mayhap he can work things out and if his tries don't then it's just not fated to happen.

The group of four rushed through the forest with a decent speed, all monsters which met them ended up dying and scavenged by Emily, who didn't leave anything as she wanted to collect all the materials.

After spending fifteen hours traveling at a steady pace, the group left the tomb at last when they were met with the two huge gates. Arthur prepared himself and readied his skills then left the small Realm along with Swain, Emily, and Kithel.

The first thing that met their eyes were Amidel and the Kang Elders, which were still maintaining the , however, these were different from the first ones Arthur saw back then.

" back, Emily, Kithel."

Amidel floated near his two kids while inspecting them both, he nodded approvingly when he noticed the new sword sheathed on Kithel's waist. Although Emily didn't gain any treasure, he was still satisfied with the results after he saw the drastic change in her physical body, it was unnoticeable by others but his Realm was much higher than the rest and his understanding was deeper.

Emily smiled cheekily at her father, as for Kithel, he just bowed and stuck next to the woman, making Amidel frown for a before he shifted his to Swain and Arthur.

To be honest, there was nothing special about Arthur's current body, except the ethereal state which changed the aura and calmed the mind, appearance-wise, it's above average, and in terms of strength, she was at the same Realm as his son but she looked older than him so she can't be considered a genius.

What's strange, however, is Swain, with a Realm that could not be seen, an ominous atmosphere around him and a peculiar look. He had red hair, blood red eyes, and clothing that slightly resembled a tuxedo from modern Earth, such clothes are for the inhabitant of this world.

"Ah! This is my friend, Swain! And this is his master, Miss... eh"

Emily noticed her father's and proceeded to introduce her new friend but she paused when she couldn't say Arthur's name since he never introduced himself and she didn't bother asking. Even Swain didn't say his real name, she just gave him his name to not always call him 'you'.

While stroking his beard, Amidel nodded his head and didn't inquire any further.

"If that's the case, then why don't you two come to stay at our home for some time until things calm down, after all, it's rare for my daughter to introduce her friends to me."

With a tone neither too forceful nor overfriendly, he invited Swain and Arthur as he understood the of his daughter and his son, who only at his father once since he left, as his father, he knew what the matter actually was and didn't mind helping his son out despite feeling a bit of these two strangers.

"You just don't let me make friends!"

Emily pouted but was secretly happy that Swain was coming to her house, unfortunately, this happiness didn't last long as Arthur politely rejected the offer.

"I'm sorry, but we'll have to decline for now. We have some matters to attend to and we will certainly visit you after a few days."

Kithel was disappointed when he heard this but he didn't insist on the offer, on the contrary, he wished Arthur safe travels and even them to the city gate along with Emily, who also couldn't bear separate from Swain this quickly.

It's rare for her to make friends and she considered Swain a close friend despite their few , as a person who stayed home almost all her childhood, finally making a friend is like a blessing but if she's separated this fast from her new friend, the blessing something to a nightmare.

Swain and Arthur bade farewell to the siblings and departed from the city, once they were a safe distance away, Arthur halted his steps and stared at the far horizon with an unusually look.

He left the woman's body and used his real body this time, which he didn't use for quite a while, this indicated the of the matter. The uneasy feeling didn't stop since the he left the tomb and his instincts could never be wrong, especially when the dark talisman near his Dantian started pulsating

Arthur whispered something to Swain, who earnestly nodded his head and replied

"A man obeys and shall obey thy orders for all eternity."

Soon, Swain became a red beam of light that disappeared into the horizon, his speed was extremely fast as if to avoid the search of whoever was coming.

Holding the vibrating Makaze in his hand, which was burning with dark , Arthur looked up to the blue sky then closed his eyes, remembering something that Lucy once told him

"When you look up, do you see the blue sky of what might be, or the darkness of what will never be? Do you see me?"

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