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Chapter 213 : Chapter 171.3 : Assault (3)

Once Human, Now a Parasite

Seeing this, Arthur unsheathed Makaze and prepared himself. The katana vibrated intensely and burned on its edges, there was even a deep cut engraved on the ground due to the intensity of the Sword Energy.

Arthur caressed the katana and forced it to calm down as this would attract the of the old man.


The youth rushed at the old man again, this time with double the speed and more ferocity. He swept his halberd at the space around the old man, shaking the whole room and causing cracks to appear on the space protecting the Spatial Master.

Despite not in his attack, the youth didn't stop as he swung his halberd again with more force. A terrifying howl came out of the halberd as it smashed against the turbulent space, finally shattering it and sweeping at the old man, who took out a strange mirror and used it to resist the attack.

When the halberd struck the mirror, the youth felt as if he hit something soft, half of the halberd disappeared into the mirror which shone with an unusual color. Not wanting to wait for it to finish its , the youth abandoned his weapon and stretched his rotten hand to meet the shining mirror.

As predicted, the mirror unleashed a bright light coupled with a crushing force that could even Gods. Fortunately, the youth had stretched his hand and met this incredible force with his special hand, safely absorbing the power.

The rotten hand's ability is to absorb the attack and unleash them back but if the received attack is more powerful than the reserve the hand could store, then its ability would useless. Luckily, the power of the attack unleashed by the mirror barely surpassed the hand's reserve, so the youth managed to absorb it despite being sent flying for twenty or so meters.

The old man saw haw his opponent was still not dead which startled him but he wasn't that to finish the fight, he no longer cared about Kai Min's state either since it was too late to save him. The beams were which is why he didn't dare to remove him personally.

The red-haired youth pointed at Kai Min and grabbed the air, sucking the life force from the silent Kai Min. This quickly healed the slight injuries he received from the attack and boosted his a bit more.

"Aren't you one persistent brat!"

The red-haired youth stared back at the old man with a charming smile before he closed his eyes and said

"Hahaha, I shall consider that as a compliment. Now, prepare yourself!"

The red beams coming out from the ground reached the required intensity so the youth decided to stop holding back and finally go all out.

Another halberd materialized itself in his other hand, however, this one was jet with the ominous aura surrounding it. Two large wings stretched from his back, one red and the other , they were both two meters each.

Since the youth stopped holding back, the old man decided to stop being defensive, two transparent chains were dragged out of nowhere, moreover, fire started burning around them and from an outsider's look, it was as if the fire was burning randomly in the air.

It didn't take long before the first , dust waves flew and the beautiful garden was turned upside down with big boulders falling and blood everywhere. This time around, the youth held a big advantage as he swept with both his halberds, pushing the old man in a corner.

The Spatial Master tried resisting with his Spatial Shackles and the mirror but they weren't able to deflect the barrage of attack coming from the youth. With two wings increasing his speed and Death Energy on the left and Blood Energy on the right, the of these two wasn't something the old man could cope with without going all out, which he finally did when a grey whirlpool which represented his God Spirit, appeared behind him.

The whirlpool rotated slowly and distorted the space around the youth, causing deep and long cuts to appear all over his speed, there were even small cracks appearing on his two halberds. This clearly showed how powerful the God Spirit is and how can a God many times stronger with its presence.

, the youth wasn't depressed, his goal has been achieved and all that is left to do is wait for his master to act.

Speaking of Arthur, he was staring at the old man from the darkness, the chains hiding under his clothes were tightening as he activated [Griffin's Bloody Switch].

'90% Wisdom to 50% Dexterity. 90% Intelligence to Agility. 50% Vitality to 10% Strength!'

He used this skill three times, which made him lose 150 Mental Power permanently. This, however, was totally worth it, he felt the incredible power surging in him, his physical body was several times strengthened which angered the chains as they tightened around him, almost crushing his bones. Arthur ignored the pain since he wasn't feeling it and held Makaze in his right hand, ready to attack.

With his Dexterity and Agility being increased by a lot, his current speed wasn't something any God could deal with, even a powerful entity such as this Spatial Master.

A distance away from Arthur, Cold Sword's figure appeared, her attire seemed a bit disheveled but she suffered no injuries. With murderous intent and anger, she coldly stared at Arthur but her body wasn't able to react as she felt the immense pressure coming from him.

By the next , Arthur's body was covered by Natural Lightning from head to toe as he activated [Transcendence], further boosting his Agility. As a small , Arthur used Golden Threads formed by the skill [Mother Of All] at the cost of Mental Power, to wrap them around his whole body as he was expecting some sort of after having strengthened his body to this degree.

He silently spectated the fight between the two parties for a few more before raised Makaze and vanished from his spot, dumbfounding Cold Sword, who saw his figure disappear into nothingness.

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