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Chapter 196 : Chapter 168.1 : Cold Sword

Once Human, Now a Parasite

Having nothing special to do until the opening of the Ancestral Tomb, Arthur simply went downstairs to a eat. He could pass all his time cultivating but he wasn't that dedicated to cultivating. In the first , he only yearned for absolute power to be able to protect his family and friends but even with such a cheat Race, he is alone right now with his wife and daughter in another and the Human Emperor, who could be considered his friend, is not dead.

The inn he was staying in wasn't famous yet despite that fact, the restaurant was still bustling with people, mostly humans.

Without minding them a , Arthur picked a random empty table and sat, he ordered a few dishes and simply sat there waiting.

"Hey, have you heard about who's coming? It's freaking Kai Min is personally coming this time!"

A person from a group of young men as they debating about something in a table near Arthur. One of the young men near the one who just spoke innocently spoke with

" brother, w-who's Kai Min?"

His face was flushed red as everybody started laughing at him. One burly man next to him his back roughly as he roared with laughed and said

"Hahahahaha this is why young ones should venture into the world more often! As for Kai Min... he's the young genius of the Water Cloud Sect. It is rumored that he reached the Immortal Realm at the age of twenty! This is an amazing feat!"

As the burly man proudly announced, a girl sitting at the same table at him snorted and retorted

"Bah! Kai Min is nothing compared to Shu Ru! A devilish prodigy across all eons! Hmpf, Kai Min is only trash compared to her!"

When this name was , the burly man stopped laughing and scratched his bald head with an embarrassed but he didn't continue boasting because what the young girl said was indeed true.

The young man who was embarrassed earlier sat there with a dazed , although he didn't know Kai Min, he certainly knew Shu Ru as her name resounded in every corner of this world!

The young man hesitated for a before asking again

"W-will Shu Ru come?"

The rest stared at him for a few before they burst out laughing again, the burly man even had tears in his eyes.

"Hahahahha, brother your sure are high! Not to you, even Kai Min is barely qualified to speak with her, as for us commoners, we can only watch from a distance and appreciate her sight! Hahahaha!"

The young man's face became redder, he dropped his head and didn't dare utter another single word.

A lot of topics were heard by Arthur in the restaurant. He savored the dishes as he listened here and there but he wasn't that much interested. Genius young humans or whatnot, this doesn't concern him, neither does the tomb, his goal is the Spatial Master and it wouldn't be easy either. Such a master would be guarded and even if he wasn't, his power would certainly not be weak, adding to the fact that he is a God, his Spatial Control would be troublesome to deal with and even the special talismans of Zodiak may not be helpful in such


As he enjoyed his leisurely time, Arthur heard a few names being repeated by the excited coming from a lot of outside Most of them Kai Min as he was personally coming this time. There was also a few of Shu Ru who was a supreme genius of the Mirage Era Hall but since she wasn't coming, they didn't talk a lot about her. There was also the Crown Prince who hails from Five Phoenix Kingdom, and the Sacred Priest from the Holy Academy.

Arthur kept ordering more dishes and enjoyed them to the fullest, as he was in the midst of the last dish, a person entered the restaurant. Normally, such a thing wouldn't attract much as people kept going in and out but when this person entered. Everyone held their breaths as all their gazes were locked onto this person.

With a tall stature and an extremely chilling aura coupled with thick murderous intent unleashed in all It brought creeps and fear to all those who felt it. Some even shivered and didn't dare talk.

"W-why is she here..."


The group from earlier were also silent, the laughing stopped and they all threw countless to the figure who entered the restaurant.

"S-she also came... this will definitely not end up good!"

The burly bald man stared at the girl who entered the restaurant with a mix of fear and uneasiness. The girl had long hair and wore tight leather clothes from head to toe, only showing her face, she also had a cloth to a robe covering her body but it was to see that she had a perfect body. With an face peerless in this world and soul-shaking eyes, it was without a doubt a kingdom-toppling beauty. Unfortunately, no one did approach her or complimented her as her beauty was over-shadowed with the cold aura and murderous intent emitting from her, her eyes were chilling and she seemed as cold as an ice, indifferent to everything!

"I-It's Cold Sword!"

One of the present people murmured with a very low voice, afraid of the girl hearing him. Everyone felt and didn't say anything rash lest they anger her and suffer harsh consequences.

Jian Si, also known as Cold Sword, is a famous character on the other side of the wall. She comes from Mountain Ba Sword Sect and is known for her notoriety, she is extremely ruthless and embraces the path of killing. The Sword Dao has countless paths and the murdering path is but one of them. By killing more with ones' sword, they became stronger but more ruthless, however, if one isn't prepared or strong enough, they can be devoured by their murderous intent and the sword will the master.

Many talented individuals challenged her but they all ended up dead.

Cold Sword is a very ruthless and cold person which is why none cared about her beauty albeit the fact that she is basically one of the top beauties of the Green-Leaf-Middle-Realm.

As silence ruled over this restaurant, the only thing that could be heard in this awkward atmosphere is a chewing coming from a corner of the restaurant.

As all gazes landed on the young man who was leisurely eating his food without a care in the world. Although they wanted to beat him up for acting like that, none dared to move and only cursed him thousands of times, of course, there were also those who stared at him with dagger eyes.

Coincidentally, in this not-so-big restaurant, the customers were afraid that the Cold Sword would sit close to them so some sat on two chairs at once and some hid them.

In a split , all chairs were either taken or disappeared which left Cold Sword standing in the middle of the room, gazing around for a seat. She didn't seem to mind their and merely searched for an empty However, from the point of view of these young , it seemed as if she was looking for a prey to hunt.

Soon enough, she marched towards the young man who was sitting and sat in the seat opposite of him, which happened to be the only seat.

Speaking of Arthur, he threw a quick at the girl before continuing to eat his food, he didn't even pause for a split With the system, he was able to see her real and despite her unique aura, he wasn't the least bit affected. In fact, such aura is quite comfortable for him as he can emit too thanks to the Blood Magic, Dark Magic, and several others skills but he chose not do as it would attract unwanted and cause endless troubles which he hasn't the time for.

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