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Chapter 190 : Chapter 166.4 : Battle Of Gods

Once Human, Now a Parasite

Holding the old tattered paper, a tower pressure washed over Arthur and sent him flying back for a few hundred meters before he crushed down creating dust and a large crater. It felt suffocating as a force kept pressing on his body, he was barely able to stand up when the pressure multiplied and an even greater force struck him again, however, he was prepared for this blow and knew that teleporting away isn't enough to dodge the force of this paper that old Tian had just taken out.

Arthur didn't hesitate as he summoned his book of the damned to block the blow. It wasn't to describe it as a blow, it was just pure pressure containing an ancient aura capable of invoking heaven's jealousy.

The book opened instantly and a rotten hand came out of it, the rotten hand was clenched into a fist and small dark threads made out of condensed death energy twirled around the rotten fist and met the pressure.

The pressure which rendered Arthur incapable of moving properly lessened by a huge margin, he used the long chains restraining him to tie the book on his chest then he looked up, coldly staring at the laughing old man.

His figure now looked pretty creepy with a rotten hand erected from his chest, or so it seemed. With the pressure lessening, Arthur was able to breathe a bit.

'As expected, to kill a God is not as simple as I thought.'

Although he suffered a blow, it was not and with his insane , the superficial bruises were already healed.

"It is useless to resist. This is a a very ancient 3rd Grade Heavenly ranked treasure, it's not something that can be easily stopped."

A cold light through Tian's crazed eyes, he spread his hands and pressed two of his finger on the old tattered paper whilst coughing a golden drop of blood.

The spectators were , especially the disciples of old Tian's sect. Seeing their elder sacrifice a drop of his blood essence made them realize how terrifying the gray-haired man actually was. This only increased the dread and they felt.

"For Elder Tian to use his Blood Essence! The is already decided."

The female spoke as her eyes were glued to the tattered paper. For like them, to be bestowed such a powerful treasure is merely a dream unless they were peerless geniuses or prodigies.

The twins and the remaining disciple stared with awe at this grand spectacle. A battle between two powerful gods is not something that can be witnessed every day, at least not in this world.

Blood Essence, to anyone above the God Realm, is as as their , Dantian or even their life! Unlike injured meridians which can be healed, Blood Essence can never be and once used then the user will suffer heavy damage. Not only that, it will greatly hinder their progress in in the future and limit their achievements which is why young geniuses rarely use their Blood Essence, if never. To push old Tian to such a state, the enemy cannot be a simple character, or so thought these

As the golden drop merged with the tattered paper, the ancient presence multiplied and a rune came down from the heavens below, covering the entire sky and the whole area and sucking all the Nether Energy.

Even the calm Arthur felt and his sank, he didn't just watch as the heavenly rune descended and was ready to strike him, without the slightest bit of , he channelled his Nether Energy and used his Mental Power to further strengthen his skills then he made a weird gesture with one hand and another weirder one with his remaining hand.


In fact, no being in this world could do execute two things at the same time, even Gods cannot do that. They can control their God Spirit and attack but that akin to a dog wagging his tail whilst moving, it is a part of the animal, just like the God Spirit is a part of the God.

But the concept of executing two techniques is illogical, even Arthur was not able to do that, the rule applied to him just like everyone else. Unless he has another or a treasure with a then launching two attacks at the same time. He could time the attacks so it seems like he is executing them at the same time but to do the real thing is not a possible thing.

With an enormous amount of powerful skills, ranging from Dark Magic to the ancient , the godly thunder and nature magic, his arsenal is immeasurable but to launch them at the same time cannot be done. One because his body is unable to control so many at the same time, is because his brain will sustain irreparable damage and the pressure alone is enough to destroy his so no cultivator dares to be this reckless.

Currently, Arthur was attempting something close to it. It was definitely not simultaneously executing two skills but it was a bit and , its might will not something to be underestimated, however, it is also a dangerous move and cannot be taken lightly as a slight mistake might cause a severe

Very soon, Arthur's left hand turned crimson red with dark red lines and his right palm had a whirlpool, those two powers were in sync and drew each other, multiplying their pressure.

Just as this , old Tian finally unleashed his finely prepared attack

"It's time for you to die!"

The tattered paper shook and the heavenly rune which became the size of an elephant descended at Arthur with unstoppable momentum. With a pressure capable of sealing heavens and shattering mountains, Arthur was extremely calm and unperturbed, as if the had nothing to do with him.

Slowly but surely, his two hands closed on each other until they met each other. Arthur's hand resembled a praying monk and a ghastly gray fog formed inside them.

'Heavens above and Hell below, there is nothing I can't destroy!'

The careful of the two domineering powers was , Although it was not completely perfect and , this formless gray energy inside his hands was the proof of its He unhesitantly released this small volume of gray fog and gently threw it at the rune.

As for what happened next, it can only be called unbelievable to the eyes of the spectators.

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