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Chapter 161 : Side Story 1.0

Once Human, Now a Parasite

The sudden appearances of the dungeons on Earth brought a lot of panic from all over the globe. Some officials even tried to revolt against other countries or create trouble this was all subdued when the Hero was created.

Usui, who was later known as the Emperor, was enjoying his time on his , reading a history book when the event happened. No matter whom or where, every person on Earth experienced an earthquake with a magnitude of 9.8. Surprisingly, there were zero deaths and no buildings fall which dumbfounded several scientists who later that it wasn't an earthquake but something more

Usui graduated from Oxford University but he didn't directly find a job. His family was quite well-off and they didn't lack any money, moreover, he was a prodigy since he was young. Whether it's painting, poetry or even acting, he had numerous skills and excelled in every one of them. What he liked most was reading stories but since his parents always insisted he takes of this and that, his free time lessened every day.

As for the romantic side, his mother prepared a blind date with some lady of another rich family more than one time, but truthfully, he hated that.

The girls would fall in love with him and some of them were even a bit clingy but he would always reject them in a kind manner. Years passed and he managed to develop a unique nature, he never got angry or yelled at anyone, even when he was irritated by something, nothing would be shown on his face.

When the world changed, and what was supposed to be an earthquake struck the Earth, a blue window appeared in front of him.

! You have gained a skill(passive): [Affinity with Fire]: Any fire- skills deal 35% more damage. Your resistance to the Fire attribute has increased by 25%.

Due to [Affinity with Fire] you obtained 2 new skills (Fire Wave) and (Upgraded Fireball)

! You have gained a skill(passive): [Born to be a Mage]: +250 Mana (+75 Mana every level) / 10% Mana when using mage skills / +100 Intelligence (+25 Every Level)/ +50 Wisdom (+10 Every level)

You have 5 unallocated points, please use them to enhance your stats.

Status Window

Name: Usui

Age: 21

Race: Human



Strength: 21

Agility: 15

Dexterity: 9

Intelligence: 138

Wisdom: 78

Vitality: 10


Health: 40(0.05/s)

Mana: 250(0.1/s)

Stamina: 30(0.09/s)


Fire Resistance: 25%


Skills(active): Fire Wave Lv1, Upgraded Fireball Lv1.

Skills(passive): Fire Affinity, Born to be a mage.


Unallocated Points: 5


Usui gazed at the blue in front of him for several minutes before he managed to comprehend what just happened. To be honest, he never was a fan of games, he tried a few of them but he didn't find them as amusing as reading books whilst enjoying a cup of tea.

He may not be good at games, but he was acknowledgeable and after reading his status window a few times and checking his skills, he managed to comprehend a couple of things.

Such a sudden increase in Intelligence made him think a bit faster and remember some things from his infancy, the Wisdom was also helpful in coming up with more logical and better or

He remained calm and picked up his book to try something, it was only a guess but it was confirmed when he found himself reading one page in a very short time. His reading and processing speed was augmented by a fair bit which pleased him but with power comes responsibility. Although he received something that should not exist, he was sure he was not alone and this was but the beginning.

The butler in their house rushed to Usui only to find him softly smile as he was looking at the book in his hand. He was worried for the safety of this young man but nothing out of the ordinary happened except that earthquake. No bookshelves fell and no ground was split apart.

'Now then...'

Usui took a breath of fresh air and sat up from his chair, he looked at the blue sky and raised his left hand while mumbling with a low voice

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