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Chapter 129 : Chapter 126 : 11th Floor

Once Human, Now a Parasite

Just after Delia teleported, the other three were worried about her sudden disappearance and thought that something happened to her.

It was only when Lucy that Delia went back did they breathe a sigh of relief. No one doubted Delia's prowess as it is clearly on par with Lucy so getting out of the dungeon is no big deal.

Delia went on to do her job and Lucy was not to stop mid-way, she just was going to pick up the pace. The others had already seen what she's capable of.

"What happened here should remain here, I hope no one would be dumb enough to talk about it."

Their improved since the first time they met but Lucy didn't trust them yet. To make them gain her trust required more than this.

A simple warning from Lucy made them nod their heads continuously.

"W,What about Lady Sinyu?"

The shy Alin wasn't a talkative person but women like Saku usually like to brag so she could blurt out unnecessary things.

"I'm not going to repeat myself."

Lucy's demeanor added with her chilling voice made everything she says sound like a threat.

"Remember, what's about happen and what happened should never be revealed and if it is..."

"We got it we got it...."

Guan Gi waved his hands proving his sincerity. To begin with, this was a favorable thing for them, she does everything and the loot goes to them as she didn't appear to have the slightest interest in it.

Just as the three were going to follow Lucy who went on ahead, they were suddenly enveloped in some sort of transparent ice-blue sphere and their turned blurry for at least 10

When they finally could see again, their surroundings completely changed from the boss room to another gloomy room filled with torches on the side.

"W, What happened? W--WWhere are we?"

Saku was terrified as she looked around, she heard about traps but those are usually on higher floors. As if to bring her more despair, Lucy replied to her with an answer she never wanted to hear

"The 11th floor."

Seeing the dumbfounded looks of the three, Lucy sighed and resumed talking, a bit of the

"The boss that was killed was the whole dungeon's boss. Since you already witnessed me and Delia's power, there is no need to act and do it slowly."

"Act? Slowly?"

Since they are part of her team, Lucy needed to her , of course, she won't go into the details but some basic stuff about it won't hurt.

"Yes, from today onwards, we'll clear a floor every 3 days. Of course, you'll share the loot amongst yourselves as I have no need for it, you can even take me and Delia's share of the money. Give and take, it's simple, all you have to do is remain silent."


With a happy and straight face, Saku agreed on behalf of all the three, money is all she sought, just like Guan Gi. She just has to keep Lucy's strength a secret, not a big deal.

"Alright then, just stay behind me and do as usual."

As Lucy said that, a barrier just like the last one was created around them and the team resumed the clearing.

The monsters on this floor were wooden puppets. The height of a normal human and a body made of wood, they had no face and wielded weapons ranging from wooden shields to steel swords.

Since the wood's weakness is fire, the poor puppets were killed even faster than the monsters on the first floor. The clearing didn't even take 10 minutes before all the monsters on this floor were killed. Lucy used the barrier she created to make the other three move at a fast pace and that the process by a lot.

"Ah ah! It's another skill book! We looted 4 already! We're rich!"

Saku waved around the skill book and showed it to Guan Gi who hit his chest proudly because he was the one who opened the chest. But if they have to give credit to someone, it has to be Lucy.

"The floor is cleared, that should automatically raise our rank by one, right?"

Lucy wasn't too sure about the rules of ranking up so she asked them.

"Yes, and if we show them what we looted, I'm sure we'll jump straight to A-rank!"

"Mmm... let's head back then...."

Before the other three could react, their blurred and after a couple of , they found themselves back on the first floor, just a small distance away from the dungeon's entrance.


As they passed by the guards standing at the entrance, whilst he was checking them, he frowned and said

"Wasn't there another person on your team?"

Saku was smart enough to realize that he was talking about Delia and he won't let them off before they report her disappearance or death so she pondered for a before saying

"She's still here but under the Stealth skill since her clothes were ripped by those damned lizards..... *sigh* I never knew animals could be perverted too...."

Taken aback but he just heard, the guard coughed awkwardly then backed up without speaking further. The team didn't waste time there and went back to Lady Sinyu's to report what happened, their achievements and show their loots.

Lucy preferred going back immediately to her house so she didn't them and only warned them one last time to remain silent about what happened.

Ever since leaving the dungeon, Lucy noticed a hooded-person following her closely but it was a pity he chose the wrong person. She wasn't in the mood to another because a certain person is interested in her or wants to investigate her. She turned to an alley and when the person followed after her, he found no trace, she vanished into thin air.

After looking around hoping to find a clue the hooded-man turned around and left without making any noise. It was apparent he was an expert as he didn't emit any noise and his presence was barely sensed by mortals. If Lucy was not such a godly individual and instead just a Lv20 human, she would never have felt his presence.


When Lucy returned to the apartment, she found little Saly watching the TV, Miya was at the side sitting cross-legged and trying to cultivate for a bit and as usual, Delia was on the enjoying whatever wine she 'borrowed'.

Seeing Saly's eyes glued to the TV, Lucy couldn't help but feel a bit intrigued so she shifted her to the TV to check what made her daughter like that.

"It's been 5 years! 5 years since the legendary VRMMO Hell Gate was launched and as of now, it has more than 4 active and it keeps increasing day by day. What's more is that Lobisoft announced the release of a new game capsule that would increase the realism of the game and make it more immersive...."

'It's just a game...'

Saly couldn't understand what was said but she could see what was A world full of and magic, to Astria but much more fun as there were events and such. For Saly, fighting and strong like Lucy and Arthur is her dream so seeing something like this ignited her desires and strengthened her

"Mom mom! What's this?"*

"It's just a game....."

"A game?"

For Saly, games were never like this, on Astria the concept of games is very rare as only rich or nobles would have the luxury to games and even if they do, it'll only be simple ones.

"Yes. It's a game, do you want to it?"

Lucy had more than enough money and Saly's happiness mattered most so she would try to spoil the girl as much as she could, after all, the little girl had gone through so much hardship, from her evil master to being kidnapped. A trauma like that cannot be easily

Hearing this, Saly was very ecstatic, she jumped in Lucy's arms and shook her head while smiling. She was happy that her mother was willing to do anything for her and she wasn't that stupid to not have realized that.

"No it's fine... plus you promised to let me go and have fun in the dungeons... he he he."

Seeing that Saly still didn't about that matter, Lucy shook her head and rubbed the fluffy ears of Saly while smiling

"You're more and more clever aren't you..... *sigh* where did my naive little Saly go...."

"Mooooooooom I'm not naive.... I have more than 3,000 Intelligence, hehehe, Dad told me it's higher than you when you were at my age."

"Did he now?..... I will make sure to properly educate him when he's back, hehehe...."

Lucy codly laughed but if Arthur heard her, he would be soaking of cold sweat. Wives are really scary sometimes.

"WHAT! You said you cleared a new floor?"

The expensive cup of tea that Lady Sinyu was sipping from fell on the floor and turned into countless small pieces. Her calm demeanor had a drastic change when she heard that. Her team wouldn't usually joke about this kind of stuff, especially when they knew how she is about matters like this.

"H-How is that possible? You must have mistaken the floors...."

"Come on Lady Sinyu! As the leader of our team, you must praise us for our hard work and not call us liars!"

With both of her hands on her waist, Saku reprimanded the old woman with a disgusting grin hanging on her face. Ever since they left the dungeon, her lips were smiling on their own from happiness, the of this short is in the

Guan Gi followed Saku and patted his chest proudly and added

"Here, if you don't believe us then look at these babes...."

He took out the box hanging on his back and retrieved all the treasures they looted.

4 Skill books, two magical ones and two melee.


1 staff.

2 Shields.

3 Rings.


17 Health Pots.

5 Mana Pots.

Health and Mana Pots are not very expensive but they still are worth selling. One Health Pot can easily be sold at 15k. It's a life-saving material in life and death battles. It was a shame that these pots were the lowest-quality. Lucy had miraculous ones and their number was in the thousands.


With shaky hands, Lady Sinyu stretched her hand and inspected the staff Fiddle dropped. It had a unique appearance and even though Lady Sinyu was not a Hero herself, she was already tested and entered the system so she could see the stats and of the staff.

In fact, every person that entered the system of Earth could automatically use appraisal but it was a lesser of the one Arthur has.

After spending a couple of minutes inspecting all the loot, Lady Sinyu raised her head and looked around, once she found not trace of Lucy and Delia, she said

"Where is Miss Lucy and Miss Delia?"

Saku, being the most talkative one and the brain of the She didn't stutter or hesitate and answered.

"Miss Lucy was feeling tired so she and Delia went back to their house to rest. It was quite tiring after all."

Lady Sinyu didn't believe they were tired as it was not that simple but it was apparent Saku or the other two were not willing to talk about it so she didn't insist. Just when she was about to ask about the details of what happened, Saku spoke yet again

"Ahh, my hands are sore and my knees are aching. We're tired so we'll excuse ourselves. Don't to the loots Lady Sinyu."

The other two bowed and followed after Saku. When they left the room, Lady Sinyu turned to look behind to talk to someone but Guan Gi barged in the room with a helpless on his face and took the curved saber and a round blue shield whilst saying

"I looted those, they are my prize, sorry Lady Sinyu. Cya..."

Before the old woman could react, the burly man dashed out of the room.

Lady Sinyu could only sigh and ponder for a couple of minutes before she turned around again and spoke to the air behind her

"Find out what happened exactly, this sounds fishy. Also, send someone to Saku's room and tell her to hand a written report of the monsters on the 11th floor...."

A shadow appeared from thin air, it turned blurry until a figure's silhouette appeared. It was a -clothed man with two short in his waist.

"Ha! My lady!"

The shadow blurred again and disappeared just the same way he appeared. For someone with such a high status like Lady Sinyu, there is no way she's going to go around the jewelry shop without special guards. She had two hidden S- Heroes constantly protecting her from any or sneak attacks.

These two experts which were proud of her their Stealth skills were long since noticed by Delia and Lucy but both of them chose to remain silent to not attract unnecessary or trouble. Lucy wanted to build a good with Lady Sinyu and not her enemy.

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