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Chapter 49 : Chapter 49 : Elven City

Once Human, Now a Parasite

As he saw his stats, Arthur was not really surprised, he sort of expected when he saw how his speed doubled, however, he still can't get used to those big numbers, it's really a blessing that he was reincarnated into a parasite, or else even with hard-work and amazing talent, there is just no way he would have achieved his current strength.

Arthur didn't think too much of the stats and asked Loli a few more , but all he got was

I don't know...

I'm not authorized to answer.

There is a good thing which is that she changed the color back, however, she didn't answer even a single which irritated him, she was no different than the last system, except being more annoying.

At least, unless he talks to her, she never engages in a , and like that, he can be more at peace from that brat.

Arthur asked Lucy to open her status window, and surprisingly, it was a blue one and there was no sound of the girl, it was just a usual system, he was first confused because Lucy had the '0' stats like him, however, she didn't get a new system, it was intriguing but he decided to give up thinking about that as it will only lead to more


The journey proceeded slowly toward the elven city, even after 10 days have passed, nothing happened, they would rest at night and resume the trip early in the morning.

Saly would sometimes go with the kids who were with Mary, as for Lucy and Arthur, they did nothing, Lucy would train when she's bored, she is unlike Arthur, with a bit of training, she can raise her stats, however, he can't, no matter how much he tried, he can't raise them unless he creates a new skill which is extremely hard, or possess corpses.

It didn't bother him that much, he would hop on Astrith and read books whenever he's free, thanks to [Sixth sense] he could sense if there were any enemies, but except a few beasts which observed from far away, there was nothing worth paying to.

Arthur even sneaked out of the camp every night to search for a monster to kill, he wanted to gain more stats, even if it was a little, the trip was so boring and they were very slow, he was sure that if he went with Lucy and Saly, they would have already arrived at their

Since it's going to be too bothersome to stick with them and travel slowly, Arthur informed Belic that he would go ahead with Lucy and Saly.

He could bring Mary and the kids but he didn't, they were going to go on Astrith and he can't possibly fit all of them, even if he can, Arthur decided against it.

On the 11th day, Arthur and the other went ahead, and with Astrith speed, it would surely take them less time to arrive.


The trip on Astrith's back was comfortable and smooth, in just 15 hours, they already arrived.

However, what stunned Arthur and the rest is that they could see a humongous tree, even from hundreds of kilometers, it was still visible, it was so gigantic that can no longer be called a tree.

Once they were close enough, the sky was no longer bright from the sun, there were several branches which were like small mountains and leaves which are as big as a carriage, it was fascinating to see.

This tree was the world tree, Arthur already read that its thickness is several kilometers, and it is nourishing the whole continent so it would not , but seeing is believing, reading something on a book is not the same as seeing it with your eyes.


Furthermore, in the course of this short trip, Arthur a few things about [Lost Magic], when he asked Loli why he can't use the attributes, such as a void, and why did darkness disappear, she surprisingly answered him.

Apparently, they did not disappear, it's just that they are no longer an attribute, but were transformed into their original form.

Lost Magic

? : Mental power

? void magic : Mana

? Chaotic dark magic : Dark mana

? Eclipse magic {Void + Chaotic dark} : Dark Mana




Loli showed him this window and told him that [Lost Magic] has many , it's just that he needs to them alone or else they won't show up, and the reason he couldn't use Void Magic or Chaotic Dark Magic is because he can't right now.

Fortunately, her was rather detailed so he kind of grasped the reason behind that, it's actually because of him, more precisely, his strength, the two attributes are no longer normal magic, but evolved into a terrifying magic which cannot be used with his current power.

Loli even said that void especially, is one of the ancient magic and it is the more fearsome one, as there were universes completely made from the void.

As for dark, she didn't know about it, it's just that Zodiak somehow invented it, nothing more than that.

Arthur asked her to give him approximately how much his stats need to rise so he can use them again, however, she didn't know either.

There was also the [Eclipse Magic], he heard from Loli that he can use it right now and it's indeed a powerful magic, but his control over it will not be perfect as he was still too weak to completely grasp it, nevertheless, Arthur wanted to test it, and that's what he did.

With but a thought, a gray sword was formed, it emitted the familiar pressure the chaotic dark magic did, plus the suffocating feeling the void magic exuded, it was no doubt a of the two, plus it seemed very powerful.

Arthur then tried several other things with the new magic, such as spears, barriers, etcetera....

Everything seemed smooth, he didn't know why Loli told him that his control won't be perfect, but it was really easy to control it, it was exactly the same as dark magic if not slightly better.

He didn't really lack any form of magic, but he always favored the dark magic, as it was the first magic he grasped and one of the powerful ones, and it still is.

[Eclipse Magic] and [Ancient Fire] are the most powerful magic Arthur currently have, there was also the lightning, but it was slightly weaker than them.

The normal lightning wasn't that powerful, to begin with, however, the natural lightning can deal internal damage which is quite good, as, for the demonic lightning, it's only for breaking curses and seals so it's practically useless for him, at least for the time being.

As for the beastly lightning, he felt grateful to have it, Astrith seemed loyal and he was strong enough to defeat Yamak, so having such is not bad, plus he can be used as a mount and a fast one at that.


Going back to the trip, the Elven City can already be spotted from afar, there were gigantic trees scattered here and there, with Arthur's good eyesight, he managed to see those trees even though they were still quite far from them, he saw a couple of elves on those trees, which appeared to be houses.

There were also towering buildings, like literally ranging from 10 to 20 floors, even in the capital of the human continent, he didn't see such things, which surprised him a lot, the buildings were approximately a couple of kilometers away from the big trees but they were quite noticeable.

They finally arrived at the entrance of the city, Astrith had already descended from the sky to not attract too much , he also changed back to the fake form.

The entrance to the city was , there was not a big gate or high walls, instead, there was a small wooden gate and 2 elven guards patrolling, to be honest, it was more like a than a city, it was very big, but it certainly didn't look like a city so why did they name it like that.

The elven guards didn't stop Arthur, even when they saw the wolf, they didn't seem surprised, they just stared at Astrith for a couple of before resuming whatever they were doing.

As for Arthur and the others, they roamed the city, which was very different from what Arthur expected.

It was bustling with elves and other weird races he had never seen, it was bustling with people, merchants selling their merchandise and elves selling medicine or

Unlike a human city, the elven city prohibited , no one has the right to bring into the elven city or else they would be forcefully kicked out, it was the one and the only rule in this city.

As a matter of fact, the elven race held a bit of disgust toward humans, as these humans would elves, demons and even their own kin, which was heartless.

After some roaming in the city, Arthur came to know that these tall buildings he saw earlier were not part of the city, they were the headquarters of the E-clips company, the elves allowed the company to build an HQ nearby as it provided them with a lot of things, however, some of the elves were a bit against this idea, but they couldn't do anything about it.

As for the rulers of this elven city, it was the elves, there were an elven chief and 4 elders under him, they took care of the political matters in this city.

Arthur didn't know what he will do here, maybe he will reserve a room in the inn and wait for the others to come, but that would be boring, that's all he did the past weeks.

He wanted to find a way to heal Saly, but the only is that Elixir or the world tree.


The 4 of them arrived at big square, it was like a park, little elven children were , while other elves were fighting amongst themselves to train, it was a peaceful and there were no arrogant people who act high and mighty, Arthur's view of elves never ceased to increase, they were really a peaceful race.

He also spotted some 15 inches or so flying humanoid figure, he already read about this race and it was the pixie race, they usually seclude themselves in a specific zone and don't like intruders, however, there were some of course, like this one for example.

It was a red pixie, with small transparent wings, they fluttered with great speed as to keep the pixie flying. She was a female pixie and she emanated a red light, from afar, it's as if a red lantern was flying by itself, quite a funny sight.

As he appraised her, Arthur came to see that her LVL was 62, which was very high, but maybe that race can LVL up faster? He still didn't know everything about the races, so perhaps there are things he missed or didn't know about.

Just as he was observing the flying pixie, he heard a from not too far away.

"Hmpf! Who do you think you are? Just because our parents vowed to marry us to each other, that didn't mean I'm going to a trash like you"

Once Arthur turned his head to look at the origin of the voice, his killing intent was unleashed and his eyes were filled with rage.

Lucy who was beside him saw that woman too, she stared at her with piercing eyes and coldly said

"It's her...."

It was a female elf, who had one of her legs on a kneeling man, she was looking at him with a disgust and hate as if looking at some trash.

The woman was Veronica, that elf from the Council of the Nemia Academy, she was one of the 4 surviving members, plus she was the one Arthur hated the most.

She was always against him joining the council and was against him in every matter, so no matter if she's involved or not, she's surely going to die, as she led him to Yamak along with Mach and Marry, how could he that?

Arthur repressed his rage to not attract , then he walked away from the square, followed by Lucy, Astrith, and Saly.

He didn't want to kill her right away, in front of all people, or else the elves would not help him in Saly's matter, however, that did not mean he would spare her, quite the opposite, just the thought of killing her made his blood boil from excitement.

'It seems luck is on my side....I'm definitely going to enjoy killing you...that's for sure..'

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