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Chapter 30 : Chapter 30 : An Unbreakable Bond

Once Human, Now a Parasite

Arthur opened his eyes for the first time in a very long time, just as his eyes opened, he heard come one after another 'ting'...

[Your soul have been weakened by (Pure Mana chains) for a certain of time : 1 year / 3 months left]

[Due to your weakened soul -99% to all stats for 1 year : 3 months left]

[Orb of the fallen Overgods has absorbed the (Pure Mana chains), the on the blessing of Tul'ah has been lifted]

[The blessing of the Overgod of Misery, Tul'ah is now ]

[Blessing of Tul'ah : Known as the tyrannic and evil Overgod, always being alone until he fell in love with a mortal, he shared his powers with her to make her immortal like him, by doing that he was punished by the heavens : Can link your strength to one person, you will gain 50% of his stats, while he gains 60% of yours]

[! You have obtained [Peak Sword Mastery](passive): While using a sword, +30% damage/ +15% speed]

[! You earned the title: One with the sword: you do not need a sword to attack, even your fingers can be one, and the bonus from sword mastery still applies]

[You have gained a new skill(active) : [Lone sword] : You unsheath and sheath your sword at lightning speed and a pure sword is created which have strong cutting power]

[Having gained Tul'ah blessing, your stats have been increased please check your status window for more details]

Arthur could barely read the , his body was sore and he couldn't even get up, so he only looked around, only to see Lucy who was training stare at him with wide-open eyes, as if she couldn't believe what she was seeing.


His voice seemed a bit weak, he barely talked and he is already feeling a little tired, the astonished Lucy soon jumped on him while crying non-stop.

Before he could even react, she was already hugging him tightly and sobbing, it was as if he was gone for a long time, which he was.

Arthur mustered some strength and hugged her back, his body seemed to be heavy and surprisingly he was naked under the but he paid it no heed for the time being.

Even after some time passed, Lucy was still crying so Arthur finally spoke again

"Now now silly girl, there is no need to cry, I'm awake, see?"

He continued stroking her silver hair gently until she calmed down, , she kept hugging him and laid down comfortably next to him, it seemed she didn't mind him being naked which surprised him a lot.

The first thing that was on his mind was how long was he so he asked her

"H-How long was I ;

Lucy looked at him joyfully, one couldn't believe that she was crying a while ago, she felt beyond happy, for him to finally wake up, it is like a dream for her, after waiting for such a long time, he was finally awake, she held him so tight as if afraid he would disappear if she let go.

She gazed at his face, though it seemed a bit pale it was still charming, his blood red eyes that would terrify anyone were now looking at her with softness and love, that alone made her heart beat so fast and her cheeks to redden, the love she held for him was immeasurable.

She quickly approached his face and kissed him directly on the lips, and to be honest he was dumbstruck by her bold act.

He never kissed her like this and never tried to, so, her doing this abruptly, made him surprised, however one would be lying to say he didn't enjoy the feel of her soft lips resting on his, that feeling was like travelling into a dream world, so he didn't push her back and instead kissed her back, and she seemed to be neither disgusted or angry, quite the opposite, in fact, she felt even happier.

After some time enjoying the kiss, they finally separated, Arthur's face was a bit flushed, as for her she didn't seem the least bit embarrassed, she smiled back at him coquettishly.

After having slept naked next to him for months, there is nothing to be afraid of, moreover she no longer felt hesitant and she would wholly give her body to him if he ever desired, her tragic past was nothing compared to what she has been through these 9 months, the fear of losing him was more intense than the fear of those men, in any case, she didn't fear them anymore.

Arthur was still in a daze after what just happened and stared dumbly at demoness in front of him.

As for Lucy, she could not help but giggle a bit after seeing his dumbfounded look.

Arthur snapped out of it after some time, but he did something unexpected, he reached for her face with both his hands and put them on her soft cheeks and slowly kissed her again on the lips, though his surprised her, she did not struggle and kissed him back.

Arthur could not that feeling so he kissed her, he thought he screwed up, but seeing Lucy him, he continued kissing her, even his tongue invaded her mouth and you could hear her moan a bit.


Lucy did the same and soon their kiss became extremely erotic but he didn't go any further and only kissed her but that kiss was enough to hold him for another hundred years, it would be an feeling of pleasure and happiness for him.

One must know Lucy is an extreme beauty, her long silver hair, alluring eyes that could steal every man's heart, also not to her snow white skin and voluptuous body, she was indeed petite compared to normal women, but only by a little bit and her breasts are considered well developed, adding her perky and round butt and her curvy waist, that made her look like a goddess that descended from another realm.

She was wearing a simple leather shirt and some pants, she looked and seeing her made him fall in a daze, but he didn't dare touch her in anywhere for he still respected her and her , even though she kissed him there were still limits.

After some time they separated again and both of them were panting heavily.

It was the first time for them they experience something like this but , they both liked that feeling, to be close to the one you love and to be totally by them.

This time, Arthur didn't apologize for what he did as he knew she didn't mind and there is no need for pointless words.

Lucy wrapped her hands around his neck and smiled brightly at him, and it was really a breath-taking sight.

After they both sat up comfortable on the bed, Lucy being on his lap still not letting go, she finally spoke

"..9 months, you have been for 9 months"

To be honest, he expected himself to be out cold for long but not THIS long was just astonishing, 9 months is not a short , it's true the also indicated 9 months but he didn't focus much on it and he wanted to hear it from Lucy.

It really pained him when he thought about it, for 9 months she must have been struggling alone and even taking care of him, he could only his weakness

"I-I'm sorry..for 9 months you.."

Before he could finish, she interrupted him by kissing him and stopping him from further speaking.

The kiss ended quickly this time, she then looked at him and softly said

"Don't apologize, I'm more than happy to see you awake, as for the 9 months, just being by your side was enough"

Arthur didn't how to reply, actually he didn't even know why the sudden change in Lucy but maybe many things happened in those months, anyway, his view of her never changed, and he would always love her dearly, even more so now when he saw how worried she was.

As he was thinking about the past, the memory of the bright light resurfaced, and he remembered being attacked by it

"that blue light...."

Once he this, even Lucy became angry and killing intent emanated from her eyes, she replied while clenching her fists

"It's surely those bastards from the academy, I'm sure it was their weapon, 'judgment', there is no other weapon that can cause that much ;

Arthur didn't have 9 months to think thoroughly like her, but once she that, it seemed logical, plus he believed her guess to be on point.

He truly was enraged and angry, he gritted his teeth and had already begun to how he is going to all the academy, especially that damned principal.

'Just you wait! My revenge would be bloody, and no one can save you. Sonia...'

Though he was angry, there was no need to show it to Lucy and since he is greatly weakened right now, he could only wait.

After reading the again, he was both happy and sad, first sad because he needs 3 more months to , but happy because of the new blessing and powerup, since he is weakened right now, it was useless to check his status so he decided to do it once he , the same thing applied for the link.

If lucy is going to get more than half his stats then he would be much less worried about her, and of course, the link would be with her, who else would he chose besides his dear woman.

Both of them spent the day speaking, Lucy never let go of him for even a and would even kiss him every now and then.

He came to learn that they are not far from the impact, in a small cave, and after some , it was indeed a cave, though now it was from bookshelves to tables and chairs, it seems Lucy it well, and it resembled a small house rather than a cave.

the entrance was blocked by a huge boulder and some runes, in fact, she learned some sealing spells from Zodiak's books and used them on the entrance to block the enemies.

Arthur became even more surprised when he learned about her Lvl which was 140 now, she almost reached him, though she didn't tell him it rose because of the fights, he already knew that, because that was the only way to level up really quickly in a short amount of time.

She told him about her improvement in darkness and magma and showed him her new fire, she looked very proud of herself and showed her new skills and techniques to him, so he couldn't help but come hug her from behind and imprint a deep kiss on her lips.

she was startled for a bit before and letting him kiss her, it had already a usual thing for them to kiss, especially Arthur who would kiss her a lot, and that made her giggle and tease him

"Hmph! You never stop with your kisses!"

Every time she would tease like this he would depressed and feel guilty as if he angered her but also every time that happens she would giggle and kiss him while he is lost in those guilty thoughts, actually she didn't know why but she loved teasing him and would always do that, even though she never did it in the past.

She more than anyone else knew that she changed, and became more open when she is with him, she didn't hide any and never ever acted cold towards him.

Passing one day with him made her all she has been through in her past and the bloody fights she had in those 9 months, just one day made her feel as if she was dreaming, never did she know that the company of a lover can be this comfortable.

It's indeed true, they were lovers even before the incident, but the changed, before she hugged him and held hands but still felt embarassed, and when she offered her body but then couldn't do it, that was evidence proving she didn't her painful past yet, she even didn't directly kiss him, but she changed. When he saved her and nearly died, it affected her, and being without him for 9 months made her realise what's more important, and a past is still past and she should focus on him, who loves her more than anything and would sacrifice everything for her.

She knew that so that's why she fed him the like that, she knew that so that's why she slept next to him naked not caring if it's embarrassing or not, to provide heat for him for she knew he somehow became very vulnerable and his body is like any normal commoner and the cold of the winter would freeze him.

She knew that so that's why she fought endlessly to protect him from every danger and cause herself to be gravely injured, nevertheless she didn't regret any of her , and decided she would live just for him just as he only lives for her.

She now knew his past as she saw his memories, and she understood his feelings more than anyone, so there was no need to hold back anymore.


At the end of the day, Arthur managed to walk some steps with the help of Lucy who was supporting him, he already wore a white robe to cover himself.

Lucy was deathly afraid so she didn't let him walk alone even with his insistence.

"No means no! You should rest, since it said 3 months then we have to wait 3 months, there was no need to rush"

Even her seemed to have slightly changed, she would panicked every time he falls and would forbid him from walking alone, it's like a mother worried about her child, every time he saw her behave like that, he would burst into laughter.

She would pout when she see him laugh at her, but a smile would soon form on her face, she just couldn't get angry with him even if she wanted to.

Arthur body seemed to still be very slowly and even after 3 days, he could not walk alone.

Those 3 days were like heaven for Lucy, she didn't practice and would pass all day long with him, either chatting or helping him stabilize his body, every passed, their deepened even more, and Arthur was no longer embarrassed of kissing her, moreover he told her he would kiss her everytime he wakes up in the morning, and indeed he held his promise.

Though they kissed intimately, they never did anything beyond that, to be honest, Lucy didn't mind at all, but she didn't say anything, as for Arthur he was hesitating, after they this close, he didn't want to ruin it, and he didn't know what she would think of him if he ever did anything obscene, maybe she would leave him? Curse at him? Or even worse, he could not think about that, his heart would really break if she ever left him, or if he hurt her in any way possible, so he decided not to do anything for now and wait to see what happens.

On the morning of the fourth day, while they were both sleeping, a loud sound woke them both up, they were wearing clothes but still hugging each other, while sleeping soundlessly on the comfortable and big bed, but the sound woke them up and especially Lucy, she was on high alert and jumped from the bed with fast speed.

She definitely knew this sound, it was of an imoogi, she lured a dozen or so imoogi out of this in those months but she had gotten injured in return, so she would their sound from afar.

Arthur gave her his gloves and boots since she can equip them and with high leveled staff, she readied herself while saying

"Don't worry, an imoogi coming here is not unusual, I will lure it away then come back here."

Though she said that, Arthur was deathly worried, even though he knew she became very strong, he also knew an imoogi is not a simple monster, so he was , he could only clench his fists and curse his luck because he is weakened, or else a petty imoogi would be nothing to him.

Before she went outside, Arthur grapped her soft hand and brought her to his embrace, he couldn't help but tightly hugg her, he was afraid of losing her, since she didn't tell him about the fights that she had, he clearly wouldn't know about them but now she is going to fight a strong beast and he didn't wish for that to happen, after all when he was strong, never did he let her be in danger except in entrance exam and that was the first and last time.

"Lucy...please be careful and come back safe"

He could only say that and it truly made him feel pathetic and useless, as, for the beauty in front of him, she approached her face to his and imprinted a kiss on his cheek before dashing out of the cave.

Just as she left, she began waving her staff and magma spears with balls began charging at the imoogi which looked creepy.

For someone at her LVL, Lucy was overpowered, plus her special attribute and her perfect control in magic, all of that made her really strong, even the imoogi found it hard to attack her straight on and could only use other methods to attack.

Arthur who was in the bed, unable to even walk, heard the sound of the fighting and the , the sounds became weaker and weaker until they disappeared, Lucy did not to close the cave when she left, afraid of other beasts coming.

A lot of strange thoughts came to his mind, and he began to feel and more for Lucy.

One hour passed but there was still no signs of her coming back and Arthur started panicking, and he began to think that something really happened to her.

Time slowly passed and she still didn't come back, as for Arthur, he could only stay there and hope for the best, he never ceased himself over and over again and he clenched his fist until his nails cut through his skin and blood started flowing but he paid it no heed as his thoughts were on Lucy's current state.


It was now sunset, and finally, the boulder blocking the entrance moved, Arthur jumped from surprised and leaned his head to the side to see who came but he deeply wished for her to be the one who came.

And it was indeed her, though her state was horrible, the blue robe she was wearing was covered in blood and she had a deep bloody hole in her left shoulder.

She was a complete mess, with a staggering walk, she barely managed to walk inside and somehow close the entrance with the strange seal, after that, she


Seeing her current state, he couldn't help but call out to her in panic, he got up from the bed and tried walking to her, but he after some steps, nevertheless, he crawled till he was next to her and used all the strength he could muster to drag her body to the bed, he tried to be as careful and gentle as he can, afraid of wounding her even more.

Lucy was awake but the fight really made her exhausted and that wound on her shoulder made her even more tired.

Seeing Arthur dragged her until the bed also pained for she knew his body was still but she couldn't utter any single word.

Soon enough he laid her on the bed and removed her clothes not caring about seeing her naked, he didn't even have time to enjoy the view, he took out healing from his storage and fed it to her, he also took some golden powder and sprayed it on the bloody wound on her shoulder.

When the powder touched the wound, the pain was agonizing, and she couldn't help but twitch a little but she knew he was doing that to heal her, so she didn't dare scream.

Once the treatment was done, he held her hand, and stayed by her side, as time passed, the wounds closed and she no longer was in any apparent danger, he breathed a sigh of relief and smiled while looking at the sleeping beauty, even wounded, her body was as alluring as ever, but he didn't stare for long and covered her naked body with the

He soon joined her in the bed, but he didn't hug her and only stroked her head, actually, he didn't know why even with infinite stamina he couldn't move and even get sleepy, but he guessed it must've been to his soul.

As he was lost in thought, he fell asleep without realizing it.

Next morning, he woke up only to see Lucy staring at him, first, he was startled but joyful to see her awake and well, he kissed her and then noticed himself hugging her, it must have a habit of his, as they always hugged each other in sleep.

"What are you hugging me for! Don't you know I'm injured"

Arthur seemingly startled, released his hands off her but just as he did that he heard her again.

"What are you doing!"

Honestly, he was confused and could only say

"Since you are injured, I shouldn't hug you or it will open the wounds"

"Hmpf! Who said that! Quickly hug me back or else.."

Lucy teased him as always while giggling non-stop and the day passed with them laying on the bed all day long chatting endlessly.


Several days passed since Lucy got injured and she was now fully healed and she could move freely, as for Arthur, he got a little better but he still got difficulties in moving, he would get exhausted quickly if he did a lot of movements.


One night, as they were going to sleep, Lucy became silent and she took his hand and boldly put it on her chest.


Arthur was dumbstruck and he couldn't anything to react in time, the feeling was superb, but he was confused as to why she would do that out of the blue.

Lucy lifted her head to look at him and asked

"Arthur, am I dirty?"

He didn't why would she ask this but honestly replied.

"Lucy, how could you say that I have never considered you dirty and never will, please don't say that"

It was truly his true feelings and he blurted that out

A charming smile covered her face and she asked again

"Then why don't you touch me?"

"I-I...., It's just that I didn't want to hurt you..."

As he said he dropped his head down seemingly feeling guilty, as for Lucy she approached her face to his and kissed him intimately.


IMPORTANT AUTHOR NOTE!!!!! : This part is irrelevant to the story and can be passed, it contains sexual content. You'll see a line of to indicate when it ends.

PS: I'm not good at such scenes and not a very big fan, so the will be omitted next time, this is only a one time deal.


Lucy kissed him intimately while her tongue invaded his mouth, she already decided on this and was completely willing to do it with him.

As for him, he was surprised at first but soon snapped out of it and kissed her back, his hand pressed on that soft and round chest, and it felt really good.

Soon their tongues were in each others mouth and they were sucking like crazy, as for his hands they were gently squeezing her chest, and every time he did she would cutely moan.

It was the first time for her to feel like this as those who with her were always rough, so this feeling made her moan from pleasure.

Their mouths finally separated, and she began breathing heavily, as for him, he began sucking on her soft breast, though they were not towering peaks, there were well developed and it fit his whole hand, as he sucked on those breasts, her moans became even louder.

As for Arthur, you could see his little brother rock hard, and erect a tent in his lower body, but that's to be expected, how could he not be excited when he is with a maiden like her and a body like this, no man can resist this charm, not even he.

They took off all of their clothes, and Arthur enjoyed the full view of her enchanting body, snow white skin with a perfect body features, it only made his rod more erect as he couldn't hold himself, and his head made his way to her lower body, soon his tongue her pink fortress(AN: strange naming I know, but bear with me), and he began licking, though it sounded rough, he tried to be as gentle as possible to not bring any bad memories.

Her moans only got harder until she couldn't hold it anymore and finally, the holy water came out, now that it is wet, Arthur thought it was time but he hesitated a bit and looked at her, and surprisingly as if she understood his , she nodded towards him.

With this , he inserted his little brother into her cave of wonders and engulfed himself into a heavenly pleasure with her.

they hugged each other and made love with until they were out of breath

After passing the night in pleasure, they laid down both naked, while a was covering them, nevertheless, they were hugging each other and she was leaning on his chest, seemingly lost in thought, but neither of them was embarrassed, not even a little bit, it's as if it was normal and as if they were together for a long time.

In fact, Arthur felt more close to her than ever before, he noticed her being lost in thought so he said

"...Do you regret it?.."

Though he knew the answer, he asked.

As for her, when she heard him, she coquettishly smiled at him and responded

"Yeah, we only did it a few times how about another time?"

As she finished she jumped on top of him and they went at it until morning.


This time she was happily humming while drawing circles on his chest with her beautiful little white hands, as for him, he was wrapping his hand around her waist and enjoying the soft touch of her skin, but she didn't seem to be minding him and continued humming.

They didn't do anything special today, they chatted a lot and just rested.

Now that they were more open, her were bolder and they would make love very often.

Moreover, it seems Lucy was more into in than Arthur and she would be the one engaging first if his body wasn't she would do him all day, he was sure of it.

But to be honest, he was extremely delighted, to see her about her past and do this kind of activities without a care meant she surpassed her fears and that made him happy.


Like this, days passed peacefully, they would not do anything special except when some monsters came but they were handled by Lucy and she didn't injure herself either, also after some insistence from Arthur, she resumed practicing but on one , is that she will do it on his lap, so he immediatly agreed, there was even a time when he would jump at her when she was in the middle of practicing and either squeeze her perky butt or softly massage her breast which startled her but she in return would jump at him...


2 months passed since Arthur woke up and now he is able to freely move, so sometimes he and Lucy would come out from the cave to search for the dragon.

In fact, he truly hoped to find his body, because the stats he would get are no joke so they would sometimes go out to search and he vowed to thoroughly search that huge pit once he regains his strength.

He was delighted when he saw a number of corpses Lucy got for him and at the same time angry because she risked herself but she reassured him saying it was no big deal.

They also picked some old corpses which seemed more or less in a good state and stored them in their storage.


the last month passed at last, and the day he regains his strength finally came so he braved himself and could not wait any longer...

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