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Chapter -3 : Prologue: A valuable 'subject'

Once Human, Now a Parasite

Author's note: Please excuse my poor English and enjoy.

In a distant universe, far from any we know or have seen, lies a completely constantly emitting a dark and dangerous aura. Any being foolish enough to set foot near it would shake with fright and flee in They knew whose it was and they feared his , anyone found within several light years would be crushed without

In an ominous castle that dominated the landscape were two humanoids. A dark figure wrapped between his massive wings with a pair of two-inch horns bursting from his forehead that oozed a terrifying aura. However, this horror knelt on bended knee before an obscured figure lounging upon a throne made of skulls, skulls that used to belong to horrors unseen. His figure was blurred, a cloying mist gathered around him, revealing nothing but his chilling smile.

"My Lord, I've come to deliver news from the Overgod of Light, he demands for what you have done to his universe. He threatens to retaliate with force if you do not acquiesce to his wishes!"

Bizarre laughter spilled from the seated figure's mouth, "Ah Belos... Indeed, that old fart probably won't let this go unless I pay him , after all, I did cause a slight mess of his home." The figure's tone mocking, seemingly with his servant's update.

Belos, taken aback by what his Master would call a 'slight mess' felt a cold sweat from across his brow, "My Lord, please take this ! This is no laughing matter!"

"My dear Belos... Remember, life is, but a game and we are merely ! Perhaps in several centuries, you will come to realize that this whole exchange is nothing but a way to pass time for beings at our level. Regardless, my mirth is not at all attributed to that old goat's rage. The beginning of my grand experiment is finally at hand! I have finally in creating 'it' and I believe I have indeed found a most suitable 'subject' as well. I shall be absent whilst I handle the Look after things for me, send that coot a gift basket or something. I can't wait to see what he thinks of that." After speaking, the humanoid figure leaped from his throne, patted his new steward on the shoulder, and disappeared from his hall. All that remained was the rapidly dissipating mist that had been clinging to him.

Belos, unprepared for the rapid turn of events, stood there in disbelief, unable to react to his master's speed after delivering his After a moment he released an enormous sigh, "I thought there was no way a being of the Lord's power could actually be as bad as those stories..." He then performed a final low bow to the now empty throne and then swept out of the hall, preparing to do as his Lord bid. After all, he may think of the Master as , but he would never disobey. There was a reason the Overlord of Light had sent a strongly worded message rather than instigate the master directly. Only one as strong as He could behave in such a way among the highest beings in the multiverse.

Appearing just outside of Earth's atmosphere, the being stopped for a moment to adjust his cuffs. Without the mist used to maintain his mystery, the being was clearly dressed in an fitted suit, twirling his cane capped in a golden skull with spiraling horns, he looked on in at his test subject-to-be.

A human torso chained to a chair, every inch of exposed skin , an oozing socket where his eye had been. Badly burnt, unevenly cut stumps were all that remained of his dismembered limbs. It was a wonder that he still lived in such terrible , in a that would cause any man to break, losing themselves to despair. However, he lived, seemingly in defiance of his fate. Gazing ahead at his tormentors with an face. Only the being knew what roiled behind the man's steely visage. The rage. The hatred. The bloody dreams of revenge against those who had wronged him. Holding death at bay with only the iron will be in the fires of his and suffering.

"Indeed, I have found the perfect 'subject'. Now, to get his approval and begin." The figure gave a deafening, inhuman cackle before disappearing, eager to finally launch the experiment these millennia of have led to.

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