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Chapter 168 : Devious Empress Rong (2)

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Towards Ye Ling's , a trace of hate past Ye Luo's eyes, but there was not the slightest change on the smile on his face. "Royal brother, it's been a long time since we've seen each other, why have you started being so distant from your brother? Oh right, and who might this lady be?"?

His gaze shifted towards Yun Luofeng and the look of seeing something breathtaking appeared within his gaze.?

Ye Ling's face became solemn as he spoke. " royal brother, Miss Yun isn't someone you can encroach on."?

"Keke," Ye Luo laughed evilly before speaking," Third Imperial Brother, I didn't expect you to be so protective of your woman. Your brother doesn't have other , I only wanted to know which household is this young lady from?"?

Hearing Ye Luo calling Master as his woman, he was so shocked that his heart nearly stopped beating. He hastily turned back to give her a and was only relieved after seeing that the other party didn't get angry.

This bastard had actually dared to tease him and his master. If by any chance his master was angered,?his own insignificant life would reach its end.

Not knowing why, just when Ye Luo was about to speak, Ye Ling felt the coldness behind his back, as if a pair of cold eyes was staring at him from a hidden , causing his back to feel cold shivers and absolutely petrified...

"Ye Luo, you better be more respectful when you speak!" Anger emerged from Ye Ling's face. "If you continue talking like this, don't me for being disrespectful!"

"Hahaha!" Ye Luo did not take it and laughed out loud. "Ye Ling, you don't think that I'm unaware of the origin of this woman. Isn't she just a brothel woman? Which household daughter would enter the prince's manor without any status? I only asked to test the waters, but who would have thought that you will fly into a rage out of This matter, I will definitely report to imperial father!"?

A brothel woman??

Right after all the young people present had heard Ye Luo's words, their gaze no longer held their amazement, and they now looked straight at her in a and vulgar manner.?

It's only a woman from a brothel and by spending some money, they would be able to let her voluntarily take off her clothes and provide services. Thus, such a woman was not worthy of their respect!

"Woman." Ye Luo turned his head towards Yun Luofeng while licking his dry lips. "Being my concubine is better than you following after Ye Ling. Although your status is too low to an imperial princess, I can lavish you with an abundance of love and pampering! I can guarantee that no one within the prince manor dares to bully you. How about it?"

Only him as the empress's son had the rights to possess such a stunning woman. What sort of does Ye Ling have??

, Ye Ling could no longer endure it as he clenched his hand and brandished his fist towards Ye Luo, carrying an imposing manner like a hot knife cutting through butter.?


When Ye Ling's fist had arrived at Ye Luo's face, a pair of legs with speed faster than him trampled towards Ye Luo. Everyone only heard a muffled cry before his body flew out roughly.?

The young lady raised her feet and stepped onto Ye Luo's chest while looking down on him condescendingly. "Apologies, I did not clearly hear every word you've spoken earlier on. Would you mind repeating it again?"?

Although the young lady in the white robe was apologizing, everyone could sense the menace emitting from her! Furthermore, from the beginning, she was smiling wickedly, while her eyes radiated with impertinence and arrogance.?

"Guards, arrest this woman!" Ye Luo had a livid look while he roared angrily.?

Everyone present could not imagine that even before the banquet had started, these two parties would start fighting.?

A burst of orderly yet powerful footsteps suddenly came and surrounded Yun Luofeng and Ye Ling in an instant. Afterwards, the imperial bodyguards collectively pulled out their weapons, while the atmosphere turned cold and rigid.

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