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Chapter 147 : Regretful Crown Prince (1)

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Mu Wushuang's psychological defense completely She at Yun Luofeng, and her elegant and demure face turned very grim at the moment.
"Yun Luofeng, you will have to pay for what you did to me today!"
Yun Luofeng smiled wickedly, and lazily leaned against the calm man behind her. She at Mu Wushuang who was ghastly pale. "Well, in this world, nobody is smart enough to scheme against me. I'll be waiting for you!"
As soon as she finished, her face turned solemn and she ordered with a sneer, "Yun Xiao, tie them down and send them to my parents' graves. My grandpa has been waiting there for a long time."
"Very well."
The cool man turned his eyes away from the beautiful girl?and looked at Mu Xingchou and Mu Wushuang , his deep dark eyes showing a ruthless murderous desire.
"Stop it! What are you going to do? I am a minister of the Royal Court, and you are just a small guard, you... "
Mu Xingchou was stunned by the imposing manner of the man. He felt that the man didn't only want to tie him down but also wanted to kill him! With a fear in his heart, he couldn't help stepping back.
However, before he got the time to turn and run away, he was grabbed by the man and held up like a chicken. His face was white with fear.
"Let's go."
Yun Luofeng looked at the two held in the man's hands, yawned lazily and turned toward the gate.
When the figures of these people disappeared, boisterous sounds rang from the crowd at the gate again.
"It is true that you may know a person's face but not his mind. I really did not expect the graceful and dignified Miss Mu is such a person! Her sister was just infatuated with Crown Prince and has never thought of marrying him, but she just killed her.
"Didn't you listen to her? She framed Yun Luofeng and made the people believe Yun Luofeng molested a handsome man on the street. Gee, I really did not expect that Mu Wushuang is such a person. I think Crown Prince won't want her to be his wife anymore after people get to know what she has done."
"Exactly, a scheming b*tch like Mu Wushuang doesn't deserve to be our future queen!"
Outside the city.
Surrounded by pine trees, two tombs quietly stood on the top of a mountain. On top of the tombs, the epitaphs inscribed with cinnabar were so conspicuous as if they were painted with blood.
The white-haired old man groveled on the ground, his trembling fingers gently stroking the characters on the gravestone, a deep pain revealed in his eyes.
General Yun Yang was young, talented and outstanding. What a lamentable thing he was killed on the battlefield. His wife, Bai Ling, was a valiant and an excellent woman. She fought bravely for the country together with her husband. The couple was killed on the battlefield and was buried here.
"Feng'er, your parents' last wish was to be buried here together, far away from the hubbub of the world and free from any disturbance of the earthly world. Now they have their wish fulfilled. In the woods, no one can disturb them."
Yun Luo slightly closed his eyes. Even now, he could still recall the heart-wrenching pains he felt when he heard the news that Yun Yang and his wife died on the battlefield more than a decade ago!
The pain in his heart had not yet subsided, and he had to go to the battlefield for his son, to defend the country and his people.
However, in the end, what did he get? He could not avenge his eldest son and daughter-in-law, and even his younger son was framed and had to hide in a secret chamber and couldn't see the sun! And he himself, after leaving behind his granddaughter and guarding the border for ten years, was no match for the 'pillow wind' blown by Noble Consort Mu to the emperor.

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