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Chapter 138 : Becoming Famous with One Treatment (4)

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Elder Rong was very fast, so it was not long before he rushed from the Medical to the Imperial ;s main hall. He took out the medicinal herbs from his space ring in an instant, and said with a smile, "Yun'yatou, I have brought the medicinal herbs that you requested."

Seeing the medicinal herbs that appeared from thin air in front of them, everyone in the main hall was dumbfounded. They intently stared at the ring in Elder Rong's hand with a trace of envy in their eyes.

That was a space ring! A treasure that was in sight but unattainable to the world's spirit cultivators! They did not imagine Elder Rong would possess a treasure like this.

"We're nearly done." Yun Luofeng lightly caressed her chin and wickedly smiled. "Elder Rong, I don't trust the people inside the Imperial to brew the medicine, so I will leave this matter to you. Right, don't to demand a well-deserved from the Emperor! Having the Medical ;s Elder Rong personally brew the medicine, I'm afraid there aren't many people who receive this type of treatment in Longyuan. It should be worth more than 10 gold taels at least."

At this moment, the of the man sitting high above them became increasingly livid, and the fury in his features ignited. He wished he could cut Yun Luofeng into pieces with his gaze.?

Elder Rong guffawed."That's right, Yun'yatou is right. The cost of me personally brewing medicine can't be little. Gao Tu, it would be better if you prepare the money first, so as to avoid your inability to rake up that much money in a rush at that time."

Gao Tu deeply inhaled some air, suppressing the anger in his heart, and stated with gritted teeth, "Yun Luofeng, if you can't cure his childless , Zhen will make you pay for today's events!"

Yun Luofeng raised a brow and bewitchingly smiled. "You won't have that opportunity."

What is called arrogance?

There was probably no one more experienced than all the ministers present.

A hedonistic child of an affluent family was truly a hedonistic child of an affluent family—they did not use their brain regardless of what they were doing! How could a eunuch who had been castrated a man again? This was?more ludicrous than an ant raping an elephant!

"Feng'er," Yun Luo collected himself and worriedly asked, "how confident are you?"

Hearing the anxiety of the old man, Yun Luofeng bewitchingly smiled, and an confidence was on her features. "Simply sit back and collect money. I will fill our Yun family's treasury to the brim. Moreover, this is what he owes our Yun family."

Yun Luo did not say anything else, even he could not understand why he was this confident in a granddaughter that he had not seen for ten years.?

It was as though...she could definitely do what she said!

It was not long before Elder Rong brewed the medicinal herbs into a soup and carried it to Yun Luofeng.?

Yun Luofeng the medicinal soup and slowly walked toward Eunuch Lin.

"Your Majesty!" Eunuch Lin turned pale with fright and hurriedly looked at Gao Tu, wishing to plead mercy for himself. However, a single sentence from Gao Tu made him unable to say anything.

"You will do whatever she asks you to?do, and you aren't allowed to disobey!"

The Emperor's voice revealed a decisiveness that did not allow for , filling Eunuch Lin's heart with bitterness. His sight turned to the young lady that already reached him, fear?slowly growing in his heart.

"Drink it," the young lady at Eunuch Lin with a raised brow and sinisterly commanded.

Eunuch Lin bitterly chuckled, extended his old, quivering hand, and coweringly the medicinal soup that Yun Luofeng passed to him.

Before this, he went to arrest Yun Luofeng under orders and already completely offended the Yun Family. Now that Mu Wushuang used him of all people as the guinea pig in their , there was no double that Yun Luofeng brewed a poison for him.

Eunuch Lin's heart was full of regret; if he had known earlier, he would not have offended the Yun Family in order to ingratiate himself with the Noble Consort. And now, his life would soon end.

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