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Chapter 128 : The Shocked Emperor (1)

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

"Quickly invite him to enter." Gao Tu was sitting upright and his face showing delight despite not clearly understanding why Elder Rong would come here.

After all, Jing Lin suffered a big loss at the Medical , but he did not have the face to the cause and effects, or else he would definitely be the one who would lose face! Thus, Gao Tu had been under the that the Medical refused to treat Gao Ling because they were dissatisfied with Jing Lin instead of the imperial for wrecking the Medical ;s property.

Just as he finished speaking, an elderly man in white robes suddenly appeared beneath the sun outside of the main hall.?

This elderly man's white robes floated in the air, and he had a celestial demeanor, rather like the paragon of a powerful man.

Gao Tu could the old man's identity with a single look.?

"Elder Rong." Gao Tu could not remain seated any longer and joyfully stood up with a smile on his handsome face. "Zhen is uncertain?of the reason for your visit today. Even though Jing Lin offended the Medical , it had nothing to do with our imperial I hope Elder Rong can treat the Crown Prince."

In Gao Tu's eyes, the appearance of Elder Rong in the imperial must mean that he had Jing Lin's deeds and to diagnose and treat Gao Ling.?

"Haha," Elder Ning coldly chuckled upon hearing Gao Tu's words. "Didn't you just say that Mu Wushuang's medical talent is Why don't you let your Longyuan's Mu Wushuang treat him then? Why do you still need to request someone else?"

Elder Rong just entered the main hall and did not even have the chance to say what he wanted to say before he was taken back by Elder Ning's words.?

Mu Wushuang's medical talent was If it was like this, then what does his Medical ;s genius disciples count as? Furthermore, with a physician like Yun Luofeng here—someone that even Medical ;s experts could not compare to—how could the imperial shamelessly say something like this?

It looked like he really arrived too late this time and missed many things.

Gao Tu's did not look too happy, but he did not dare to get angry at Elder Ning, so he could only stifle his anger and say, "Wushuang, her talent is quite , but she is still too young! She still doesn't know many things, so it's reasonable for her to be incapable of treating him."

Elder Rong's frown deepened, and he turned his gaze towards the indifferent and composed Elder Ning on the side. "Elder Ning, can you tell me what happened? Didn't I hear that Yun'yatou and your family's little yatou was arrested by the imperial Why did the issue suddenly turn into something to medicine? Could it be that the imperial wants to find Yun'yatou to treat someone? But that's not possible, not everyone has the to make Yun'yatou treat them!"

Like lightning, these words mercilessly struck the crowd, provoking a current through them.

Gao Tu, who originally wanted to borrow Elder Rong's power to shock Elder Ning, had his entire face frozen. His astounded eyes intently gazed at the old man's , his heart surging from the surprising turn of events, and he became rigid from head to toe.

What did Elder Rong's words mean? Did he come to the imperial for Yun Luofeng? Moreover, he actually said that the imperial did not have the to be treated by Yun Luofeng? Was it really possible that this Yun Luofeng possessed some medical skills?

Gao Tu's turned deathly pale. He was completely irresponsive and could only dumbfoundedly look at Elder Rong with eyes full of astonishment.?

"Elder Rong, you arrived just in time." Elder Ning smiled. "I heard that Mu Wushuang bullied Yun'yatou quite a bit these past years, so I wanted to vent some anger out for this girl. It was unexpected that the imperial would say that Mu Wushuang had excellent talent and brilliant medical skill with future that I wasn't capable of provoking! They also said that with her talent, Yun'yatou would not have any great achievements even if she devoted her entire life to it! I only wanted to ask: how did you look after Yun'yatou this last six months? Did you that Yun'yatou is your Medical ;s ;

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