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Chapter 63 : Publicly Display Affection, Die Faster (1)

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


After hearing Mu Wushuang's words, Guan Lin's became agitated. "Miss Mu, Yun Luofeng is merely a trash, but those of us here are all talented. She has nothing but a pretty face, how could she possibly be worthy of us?"

"Isn't that simple!"

As soon as Xiaoju, the maidservant behind Mu Wushuang, heard these words, she stood out and said, "Yun Luofeng relies on the fact that she is Old General's granddaughter and has always tyrannically abused her power. With Old General here, it is impossible to have her be a concubine. Old General is already advanced in age; he won't live for long. After?Old General dies, then demote her to a concubine, and no one will be able to protect her at that time."

"Xiaoju!" Mu Wushuang's darkened and insincerely rebuked her, "Who allowed you to cut in? Retreat!"

"Miss," Xiaoju defended herself, feeling wronged, "this servant only wants to hold?justice for Miss. First, Yun Luofeng monopolizes Your Highness the Crown Prince and wouldn't let go. Now she turns up at our Prime Minister Estate and demands Miss to find a husband for her, otherwise, she will keep pestering Crown Prince! If she really wants to pester Crown Prince, Old General will definitely protect her. At that time, not only will His Highness be in a difficult , even His Majesty will also be put in a difficult ;

Mu Wushang's changed, her voice was several degrees more severe. "Xiaoju! I already told you, you can't let anyone know about this matter! Could it be that you !"

At the same time, in another private room on the ship, the gentle jade-like fourth prince, Gao Shaochen, heard the theatrical double act performed by this pair of master and servant inside the ship lounge and couldn't help but laugh.

"Looks like the foresight of this royal brother of mine isn't that great. He can't even see this double act." He shook his head and his gaze contained a fox-like roguish delight. "On the contrary, Yun Luofeng is not as simple as she appears. I am quite what kind of character she is ..."

Indeed, just like what Gao Shaochen had pointed out, Gao Ling could not tell the double act performed by this pair of master and servant. Seeing that Mu Wushuang was still speaking up for Yun Luofeng, his handsome could not help but darken by a few degrees.

"Wushuang, when you proposed choosing a husband for Yun Luofeng that day, it wasn't of your own You were just forced by Yun Luofeng, that trash?" Gao Ling's gaze , staring?coldly at Mu Wushuang. "You even said before that you were afraid of Yun Luofeng not complying with this marriage, so I even intended to find Father Emperor to issue a decree. Unexpectedly, the marriage was put forward by herself!"

Mu Wushuang chuckled bitterly. "Your Highness, Wushuang has no other Moreover, Yun Luofeng truly has extremely high standards. She might not be satisfied with the husband that I find for her."

"Just based on her ; Gao Ling sneered, the disdain in his eyes much more pronounced. "What does she have to have high standards! Wushuang, since she spoke about this to you, this Crown Prince will help you with this matter. Such being the case, the husband that this Crown Prince finds for her, she has to marry even if she doesn't want to! What Xiaoju said was correct—she relies on Old General to tyrannically abuse her power. When that old man dies, no one will protect her, and one can demote her to a concubine!"

Everyone speechlessly looked at each other, and they all momentarily grew silent.

Although Yun Luofeng was a trash, her appearance was rather appealing. If it was taking her as a concubine, many people would not be hard-pressed to do so.

When taking a wife, they look at prestige and innate talent; taking a concubine, however, they only have to be comely like flowers!

"Looks like today's banquet is very lively."

Suddenly, a languid voice came from outside the ship door, drawing everyone's gaze.

Under the sunset sky, the young girl's body leaned against the door. The corner of her lips was lifted with a bewitching smile, wearing that faint smile to look at everyone inside the ship lounge.

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