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Chapter 52 : The Elderly Male Who Suffered a Fright (2)

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

"That's correct," Yun Luofeng lightly nodded, crossing both arms as she leaned against the door, her tone was languid and unrestrained, "If you have anything to say, be upfront about it. I still have other things to do. If you want to find me to treat an illness, I won't treat without 50 taels."

What is called arrogant and confident?

At present, Yun Luofeng thoroughly spelled it out, even causing Mu Rong, who originally wanted to Yun Luofeng's identity to Elder Rong, to freeze in his spot.

"If you can really detoxify the manluo flower poison, don't talk about 50 taels, even if you want 100 , we will still give it to you." Elder Rong regarded Yun Luofeng.

As far as Fang Ya was concerned, he was very confident. If it was Fang Ya who found the person, there should not be a mistake!

"Hmm," Yun Luofeng touched her chin, lazily smiling, "Your Medical is quite generous. If I don't your 100 , then I would let you down. Let's do it this way, I will detoxify the manluo flower poison, and you will give me 100 taels! , I want to change the of earnings for the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid. The selling price of one dose of Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid's is 20 , I'll take 19 of it."

Elder Rong was stunned.

He had just casually 100 in passing, but this girl had really bluntly raised the price?

Hold on!

Suddenly, Elder Rong regained his senses, his astonished eyes staring at Yun Luofeng. "What did your words mean? You said the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid is yours? Do you possess other Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid as well?"

"Haha!" Fang Ya couldn't resist laughing. "Elder Rong, I to inform you, the genius who answered that eternally difficult problem and the seller of the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid is the same person; they are both this girl!"

Elder Rong's entire body trembled, his eyes filling with disbelief.

He didn't expect that a thing like the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid would come from the hands of a 14-year-old little girl.

"Girl, if you can cure the manluo flower poison, we will agree to any request of yours!"

During this of time, it was not like Elder Rong had not attempted to detoxify the poison himself, but it was to no avail. There are some points in the that he could not figure out. Thus, this process must be carried out by Yun Luofeng herself.

"Okay," Yun Luofeng at Elder Rong, "Only I don't want too many people to know this matter! When it's time to detoxify, you can send someone to Yun residence to find me."

Elder Rong's eyes sparkled a few times. "Girl, can I ask you one last , where did you learn from?"

"I'm sorry, my master, the old man, doesn't like to let his existence be known by other people, so I won't answer this ;

Yun Luofeng yawned, slowly standing up straight. "If you don't have anything else, then I will go first. As for the other Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid, I will bring it to the Medical later..."

As her words ended, Yun Luofeng turned around, intending to leave. When she walked to the room's entrance, she paused and said without turning her head, "Right, Fang Ya, I'll trouble you to send me the medicinal herbs that I need to the General Estate later."

With that, she departed without consulting anyone.

"Mu Rong, what is the identity of this Yun Luofeng?"

Watching the young lady's retreating figure, Elder Rong asked, lost in thought.

"Elder Rong, this Yun Luofeng is the General Estate's only child but was born with a trash , unable to cultivate. In the past, she was engaged to Crown Prince, but not long ago, Crown Prince dissolved the engagement with her. I also heard Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mu Estate's Mu Wushuang are intimate."

"Mu Wushuang?" Elder Rong furrowed his brows. "That girl who came a few times and wanted to see me?"

"Right, that's her!"

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