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Chapter 31 : Yun Luofeng, a Great Swindle (1)

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

He was certain that even his grandfather did not know about his inability to have sexual So how did Yun Luofeng know this?

Hence, after pondering on the matter for a few days, he finally decided to come here to inquire about it!

From afar, he spotted a young girl in white clothes walking with the sun facing her. A streak of light shone down and fell on that peerlessly beautiful face, as though she was a character walking out of a painting—beautiful beyond comparison.

Mu Shen’s eyes glinted with a touch of amazement. How could he not notice Yun Luofeng was this beautiful before? Right, it must be that temperament!

That’s right, currently, the young girl’s temperament had completely transformed. It was no longer like her infatuated and decadent self and had turned into a growing confidence instead. A touch of haughtiness could even be seen between her eyebrows, and her eyes appeared like they were looking down on the world.

Suddenly Mu Shen had a that even his own sister, Mu Wushuang, could not compare with this young girl in white clothes. There would come a day when Crown Prince His Highness?would regret breaking off his engagement with her for the rest of his life.

"Yun Luofeng." Mu Shen’s were rather complicated. He looked at the young girl heading towards him and bit his teeth, saying "Why do you know…uh, know that I have a problem in that area?"

His entire face burned with After all, admitting to being impotent was an extremely shameful thing for a man.

The young girl remained as indifferent and leisure as before, her bewitching eyes at Mu Shen, and the corner of her lips slightly raised. "Since you came here, don’t you already have an answer?"


All of sudden, Mu Shen knelt in front of Yun Luofeng and begged while sniveling, "Godly Doctor, please save me."

"Didn’t you say I'm trash?" Yun Luofeng indifferently at the kneeling Mu Shen.

"Godly Doctor, I know I was wrong. I've been blind and even offended Godly Doctor daren 1. As long as daren can cure me, I, Mu Shen, will definitely follow you from now on," Mu Shen bawled and wiped his tears away.

"I don’t need you to follow me, however, as you know, I need funds to cure people and see patients. Medicinal herbs are so expensive these days, and the General Estate has always been desperately poor and can't afford those herbs."

Yun Luofeng shook her head and sighed. "So it’s not that I'm unwilling to save you, it’s just that I'm incapable."

"Godly Doctor, money isn't a problem. As long as you can cure me, any amount of money isn't an issue." Hearing Yun Luofeng’s words, Mu Shen’s eyes brightened.

"Seeing how sincere you are, I won’t charge you the entire fee, so you only have to pay the basic fee." The corner of Yun Luofeng’s mouth lifted with a bewitching smile. "Tomorrow, bring 50 taels over, and I will immediately cure you. For today, hand over 5 first as the down payment."

"What?" Mu Shen was dumbfounded with astonishment.

50 And this was just the basic fee? Just what type of medicinal herbs could cost such an astronomical base price?

"Oh, you need to know, your illness isn’t a typical illness. The price of 50 is already the lowest, and this is just the cost of the medicinal herbs. I'm already not collecting the cost of the silver needles and my labor fee," Yun Luofeng at Mu Shen, "If you didn't meet my eyes, I wouldn't cure you even if you gave me 100 taels! After all, your illness is just too strenuous to cure and will also exhaust my energy."

Mu Shen’s eyes were fraught with So it was such an exhausting matter for Yun Luofeng to treat him, and he ignorantly thought 50 was too expensive.daren (大人): loosely to master, used as a respectful title for someone

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