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Chapter 12 : The Crown Prince’s Visit (5)

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

"Does Crown Prince not understand human speech?" Yun Luofeng's brow slightly pinched, her eyes over to Jing Lin and a devilish smile remained on her lips. "I didn't refuse his treatment because I wanted to pester you. It's because he doesn't have the ability to cure my with his medical skills."

to Xiao Mo, her inability to cultivate was not caused by an illness, instead, it was because her is too special. So, even if Jing Lin medical skills are great, it was still impossible for him to treat her.

Jing Lin's eyes suddenly extremely fierce as he coldly said, "Yun Luofeng, treating a trash like you would be a waste of herbs. If it wasn't for the Crown Prince's goodwill, do you think I would pay to you? Since you do not need me for treatment, then you can be a waste your whole life! Can you really be so stupid to give up such a good opportunity!"


Yun Luo smashed the table with a great amount of force. In an instant, the table was broken into two parts, tea spilling onto the ground.

"Jing Lin, where do you think you are? Even if my granddaughter is a trash, there are of in my Yun Family supporting her from behind; and no one would dare to bully her!"

"Good, very good!"?Jing Lin was extremely angry and laughed, "Yun Luo, since you underestimate us imperial physicians, do not regret it in the future! When you are injured and can not be treated, do not come to the and invite us!"

"Hah!" Yun Luo sneered, curled his lips and snarled, "Ten years ago, my son Yun Qingya was injured. Originally, as the imperial physician, you could have cured him. Yet when I went to the to invite you, no one helped us! You harmed my first son and caused my son to die as well! Also, if you really wanted to help my granddaughter, why didn't you help her when problems appeared in her body back then and she could not cultivate? But now you stand up and pretend to be benevolent? Do you think if I suffered a injury or something that I would put down my pride and beg you?"

Hearing the hatred in the old guy's voice, Yun Luofeng's eyes a stern light; it seemed like once these people go, she would have to ask this old guy about the truth behind her father and uncle's death!

"Fine!" Jing Lin gritted his teeth, "Crown Prince, I see that you do not need to go to such pains for Yun Luofeng, that trash. No one from the Yun Family can be saved! Hmph!"

Having said this, he flung his sleeves and turned around to leave the hall. However, when he reached the door, with his back to Yun Luo, he said: "Yun Luo, in the future if you want your granddaughter to be treated, even if you knelt down and begged me, I would not help your Yun Family!"

"Scram! My granddaughter does not need you to worry about her. I will not let anyone hurt her for as long as I live!"?Yun Luo and even cursed; it was apparent that he was incredibly angered by Jing Lin.

Gao Ling looked at Yun Luo?and did not say anything. He quickly walked out, but before he left, he involuntarily swept a at Yun Luofeng.?His eyes were filled with disgust as usual.

"Old Man..."

"Call me Grandfather!"?Yun Luo angrily sat down, staring at Yun Luofeng in a bad mood.

Yun Luofeng touched her nose: "Grandfather, that year, what happened with my parents and uncle? You can tell me."

"Ah," hearing this, Yun Luo suddenly dispirited. He was probably recalling matters from the past, and his eyes filled with grief, "This is a long story. When your father was the General of Longyuan, he was sent by his Majesty to fight with the enemy's army. The result was that the current Prime Minister Mu divulged the war intelligence, which caused both of your parents to be killed by the enemy. Because of this matter, I fought with that rascal Mu Xingchou and sent troops to trample his estate."

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